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The Boom Years

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Heidi Bohaker

HIS263 Mar 8 The Age of Booms He thirty years after WWII were seen in many ways as the golden years because of a series of interlocking booms Babies Enormous increase in Canadas population 1941 1971 the population almost doubled There were two main sources of this growth and population There was an increase in immigration and natural increase The baby Boom was one of the main sources of boom The baby boom had an enormous effect on the post-war society The baby boomers were the largest age group in the age mix They had to reconstruct old institutions and construct old ones to keep up with this growth There was a massive building of public schools Governments have to race to keep up with the number of students Once the baby boomers outgrew school age, public schools were shut down and colleges and universities begin to expand There is an intense focus on the family and children Psychologists were interested in normalcy in children They were worried about a phenomenon they called under-mothering The worried tha
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