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February 29th, 2012 tutorial.odt

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thFebruary 29 2012mckenzie kingndlongest primeminister late 30s to 2 wwarticles approach politics from different anglessignificance of king and his legacyin what sort of different ways did mckenzie king try to prepare canada for the eventuality of war how did he make canadians feel okay about that prospecttried to unite them and balance otu national unitygot rid of mandatory draft so quebec wouldnt be so against itfight for Canadian autonomymade it canadas choice to go to war used it as a way to facilitate that decisionautonomy metaphor for french canada what he meant closew ith great britain yet creating a bit off own identitiyaccompany GB but autonomousquestion of national unity why king so concerned with insuring national unity in his foreign policywhy did he see a relationship with national unity and foreign policies he was trying to implement why focusing on itPeople would want to fight if they believed in cause generation enthusiasmparent child metaphor canada needs to start making steps forwarddidnt want to ahve to deal with small issues while war going on get it dealt with now less things to worry aboututopian view on canada and part in the world envisions national unity have idea of united canada2030s trouble social unrest class division fascism if domstically things werent good unity would imply a vision an
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