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February 28th, 2012.odt

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thFebruary 28 2012World War Two Ottawas War1 the north atlantic triangleseptember 1939 canada goes to war along side great britain but not the united statesreasons they went to war as important as why canada waited a weekto understand wwii politicsuk smart manipulated animal or spiritual animal who saw hitler as a villain pull of light and dark forceswar from perspective of ottawaby joining war effort entered diplomatic contecxtdiplomatic triangle in north atlantic in this triangle there are 3 key dynamics that we want to understanddrew canada closer to britain 9the war did1940 western europe conquered by germanybritain feared invasion by germany and viceno usa yetcanada a key allyus dont enter until dec 1941canada offers 2 kinds of support economic and military supportcanada revs up its armyby end of sept 1939 they had 60000 enlistmentsthose inital soldiers go under largely british set war strategyalthough units normally led by canadian officers canada throughout war acepted leadership of great britains military structurecanada largely added influence to these great pwoerscanada joins to undertake training effortswants germans take europe britain doesnt invade right awaylots of training equipping an dmobilizingcanada joins great britain biritsh commonwealth air training planbring polit to canada to train and directed by ropyal canadian efforts on behalf of britain and other dominionsking reluctant to engage in this before war thought it would suggest inevitable participation in warwanted to avoid definite signalsconsisderable behind the scenes tension about these joint training effortsa lot of jockeying for position arguments about policy canada supports britain financially and economicallycanada lent or gave britain 3 million most spent in canadato make war material to britaingiven the money and britain spends it on canadian workers but helps with the war effortcanada and britain drawn closersecond dynamic are ties to the united statessee ties in economic and military termsogdenburg agreementfirst of two key agreements before usa even enters the war in 1941ogdensburg agreement military agreement with canada and usa about coordinating defense strategy for the war
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