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stFebruary 1 2012 Male Cultures of AlcoholMale cultures perameters defining these different culturesAlcohol comes up in both readings fixture in these culturesJoe Beefother elements beside alcohol that define these cultures th Late 18 century montreal rapidly industrializing Canada central Canada industrialize and changes types of work available other article is soldier culture of WW1More a medicine than a beverageRum how important to soldier experience o Helped psychological aspects of the war o Role rum should have in trenches o Rum something to look forward to live for the next ration of rum o Physically soothing for trench foot wetness etc o Psychological medicine o Reinforced hierarchy people who had the rum in charge o Cheap band aid o Moral booster o Didnt want rum being hoarded discipline and hierarchy out the window o Padrerefers to catholic authoritiesmilitary chaplinTemperance movementhow did it justify opposition to rum o Time spent drinking could have been time spent helping the war effort o Rum corrupting men sending
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