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March 15th, 2012.odt

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thMarch 15 2012The government party in ottawa modern and notsomodernthjune 10 1957 elected minority conservative power liberals in charge for 22 years King and Louis St Laurent dominant liberal forces John Diefenbaker 19571963 then StLaurent againalternating with english and french canadianpeople by 1957 talked to the liberalsnatural rulers of the countryliberals natural party government partyone reason for labelled government party and surprise in 1957 was because liberals were in charge for soo long and the nature for liberal governance in this period particularly post war peiod consolidates in psot war periods weaved itself with civil service burocracy and liberals merged cant tell teh difference between civil service and governmentby the 50s civil service idea generator for partycame up with program ideas came up with liberal way of seeing politicsUncle Louisjl granatsteinthe ottawa men cliffor clark mitchell sharp lester pearson pickersgull working in finance external affairs trrade and commerce bank of canada3 cahracteristics1highly educated and worldly went to important international universitythtransnational discussion about how government should operate in 20 centurywell travelled meant they had expertise to apply to world issues2 entered key institutions in late 20s early 40s commissions appointed in 30s and asked questions how government should approach the economy commissions were where these people operated3 share an intellectual approachshared moderate liberalism a belief in free markets british democracy parliamentary system britihs democracy but also view government as a positive force government tried to deal proactively with socioeconomic problems of the day these guys broadly agree with liberal capitalism think government have a key role in solvign politics set tone for beurocracy most important civil services general senior advisors to liberal officeideas at chicago harvard oxford become temple for ideas performedbecome part of party by removing party from governmentcome up with ideas mobilize base communicate ideas ottawa men become idea generators turn to advertiser companies as key communicator of ideascockfieldbrowndecides most marketable brand was to sell stlaurent as uncle louis like chairmen of the board frame liberal part as part of uncle louis advertising language coming in forge institutional relationships between liberal party and advertisershekid party secretary of liberal party but also vice president of cockfield brownideas generated ideas communicated by advertisers party itself becomes part of social institutionreal shift in nature of political strategygrowth as ideologyshape the way liberals approach governing in post war period end of wwii mckenzie king particularly worried abotu increasing strength of cooperative commonwealth federation running neck in neck with liberals in popular support elected in saskatchewan in 1944 political threat king experiencing
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