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University of Toronto St. George

rdMarch 23 2012expo 67 and incident historybobby gimby canadavideo clipevoking nationalism and billingualismsinging both english and french quebec flag canada flagreference to union jackoptimistic youthful billingual bicultural placestory centenial commision wants to tell about canada in 1967its not set in streets of montreal or toronto but in the expo 67 which was a worlds fair move all over and montreal chosen in 1967 opportunity for canada to tell its story to the worldcanada is organizingstory we see in the background of film is of a modern technological progressive cityfuturistic modern palcestory of technologially progressive countryset on island of st laurence riverjournalist robert fulfordspeaks of sense of modern forward countrycanadian pavilion not showing beavers or mountains but tech Progressedalmost complete absence of british referencequeen showed up to expo but noone saw expo as culmination of british values in canadahistorians talk about incident history where they try to tease out meaning out of a moment like today with this artifact what frames fo reference do we need to put this inwhole ocmmunity based on britishness and by 1967 put the image of the futuristic pavilianlast vestiges of colonial statusKing and his advisor louis stlaurentbegan discussing idea of last vestiges of colonial statuscit
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