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Options for the nation 196082repatriation of the constitutionbrain of constitution from canada and old empirepolitical elites more than populationquebec and the rest of canadquiet revolution brought important internal changes to provicnes as well as external with quebecs relations wiht rest of canadaimagined itself differently and its relationships with rest of canadamarice duplessis believed strongly in provincial atonomy approached this as deffensive autonomyresisted encroachments form federal governemtn for what he saw as quebecs jurisdictionshared costs programs get money if followed special obligations rather have no program then take federal moneyencroach on provincial power rather have no programoffered funds for unis and hospitals he refused to take programs came with strings attachedjean lesage protected autonomy as wellstresssed positive autonomyquebec opt out and set up own alternativequebec pension plan not canadaspushed to recieve financial compensation that would have flowed through general programtranscended government increased autonomy within federation policy of every quebec government quebec much more agressive with preserving autonomy within much more conscious with defending and articulating its autonomythis issue not jsut political or institutional went right to the heart with deeper and more profound ideas of what canada meantduality and canadian historyrecall lessage government contextcanada quebec dualitymodern liberal notion of nationalism flower in english camp of nationalism new conception of english and french canadainstitutional disputes ebtween canada federal government and canada conceptions of nationhold after 1960essential question after 1960 how do we deal with nation within nationpolitically ideologically economically nation within nation two antions warring in bossom of single statenumber of options emerged with this nationalismcoupe of examples for how quebec could relateone option special statusmany quebec politicians argues canadas constitutions rshould recognize speial status of quebe within canada adjusted to recognize what does special status mean different answers somequebec should have veto over constitutional change any change to governing agents subject to veto unique with cultural minority which is majority within provinceothers argue that constitution should have explicit recognition of distinctiveness special status just in writing distinct societyrecognize bicultural nature reflect biculturism nation of two nations two founding peoples two original peoples
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