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thMarch 13 2012Cold War Canadacold war breif historymost people new what it wasoverarchign concern idea of cold war was a term applied to relations with capitalist democratic countires of north america and western europe and communist countriest of eastern europe and asialiberal capitalist democracies fo west led by united states competed gobally with communist states led by soviet union or ussr amalgum or federation led by russiapeople talked about soviet union but clear that russia leading force in ussrchina also a leading force competed globally for resources trade political allies ideological supremacy both trying to aprove the superiority of ideological systembetween 194548 imposed communist dominated governments mainly in eastern europe and what used to be east germanyin a seperate event local communists took over china in 1949 and as they evens occured west forge alliances to oppose emerging communist block both sides argue that the other is bent on world domination for our purposes united states undisputed leader laid out ideas for cold war policy in late1940sunited states asrgued for mobilization for all will and resources against communist threatsince both side nuclear and had explosives the results of direct confreotnation between soviet and US wants direct confrtonationideological confrontation and fought by proxy both us and ussr poored resources into local conflicts and regional struggles to serve as a proxy for bigger global eventscivil wars in korea and vietnam become reasons for interventionidea of credibility if west backs down on small issues or US backs down on korea no credibility or threat to global communistslocal small events very importantidea of deterenceboth sides aimed to keep up with weapons and the arms race both sides ratch up technological advancementsthink of cold war as total mobilizationstrategic ideological totally involved in the event globallycanada buys into basic impulses fo cold waragree these ideas ideologically battle between liberal ideas political freedom and communist state that wanted to control speech citizens and economy canada agrees ideologically with USdraw on preWWII idea of giving into hitler give into agressors was discredited by wwIIgrowing us power becoems a cause and consequence for increasing us global dominancecanada moves unambiguously into american sphere of influence decline fo british empire rise of american empirecanadas cold war consensusenthusiastic cold warriorspride in being part of global fight against communismshared key tenants of cold war ideologydidnt understand global knowledge of global war no celar knowledge of events but comitted
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