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stMarch 1 2012on land canadians served biggest contribution to war effort particularly in european theatre most canadians just by numbers servedcanadians held in prisoner war campsfirst canadian troops arrived in britain in 1979too late for action during the warhow quickly germany was to take most of europewarfare nature early part of the war most typical experience was canadians kicking around garrisons and doing trainingrelations with locals and soldiers soldiers and british womento control amount of fraternation between local and soldierhas to do with health stis and spiesalmost as much time thinking about stis then strategycanadians brought bak 48000 war brides mainly british womenwent to canada wiht soldiers after warmore than 20000 childrenserious problemconsiderable evidence one of the boys paul jacksonuncover undderground of same sex activity of soldiers during wwiione argument he makes is amount of acceptance and toleration of same sex ativity between soldiers and commanderswere they good mates soldiers did it stay within the unitwhen it got out of unit it became a problemdishcharge councelling if it got outside of unitmany soldiers resisted claiming it was quite normalhid for many yearsonce military actions started on continent in 423 canadians served in invasion of sicily and italy july 43 part of canadian infantry and tank bergadebritish and american landings mapped on slidedarrk red releif map with mountains and height very mountaineous terrain difficult conditions carrying about 60lbbs germans adopted strategy of digging into the high ground inflicting damage and retreating to more highgroundmeant very difficult conditions for canadian soldiers italian main land urban fightingortona dec 1943 over 700 canadians died in hosue to house fightingsee how devestated buildings wereadopted strategy called mouse holdrow houses all share walls enter house at one end and blow hole in wall go down each house through hole moving down street like micecanadians serve invasion of northern europe with ddayslide shows how narrow english channel isearly in war germans would invade britain tried to bomb it but so narrow of a channel allies invaded northerrn europe and canadian forcesterrifying service most canadians advance through very north through beligum netherlands then finally into germanyrush across flat open ground then have to cross rivers canadians served in different capacities largely in air land and water10min late for class missed submarines
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