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Jan 11

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

HIS 263 Jan. 11 Wilfred Laurier and Canadian Politics 1. Louis Riel Revisited 2. Growing division 3. The Laurier Style 4. The Sunny Way 5. Riel as a martyr vs. father of Manitoba 6. Mtis community outrage dont want as a martyr but father of Manitoba 7. How do we interpret different events 8. French Catholics and English conflict regarding memory of Louis Riel 9. English people wanted to remember them by shooting Thomas Scott a. Murderer and traitor 10. Quebec on the other hand French Catholics opposite way a. Injustice done to a French Catholic Canadian b. If he had been English protestant he would be let go as insane c. Picture, right John A. Macdonald dummy being burnt 11. Key dynamics a. Points fundamental cleavage between French and English in Ontario and Quebec b. Local issues about Manitoba becomes a national issue c. National system makes local political disputes into raw national ones d. Cultural issues become political issues 12. Growing divisions a. Manitoba question b. Manitoba act 1871 c. Reme
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