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Sept 23

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

Christanity, Commerce and the development of new France SS 3059 Thursday 3-4 office hours Major themes Jacques Cartier voyages o Inspiring power in north America for france o The economic dimension France in north America o Umbrella grand vision Samuel Champlain o Influence merchantilism and the expression of it o Consider these 2 themes the voyages and economic development Centered around the fur trade o Establishes France as an Empire of New France o In that year navigates and the gulf of the St. Lawrence River Encountered Mikamq natives Indicated contact with Europeans before Making lots of noise holding up furs on sticks for trade Continued to travel westward into the St. Lawrence Iroquoians people In contrast to Mikamq peoples encountered further west No interest in trade relations or any relations in that matter o Captures combination of curiosity and arrogance o Fueled interaction o French kidnapped two sons of Iroquoians chief o Taking back to France o The idea through the sons of the chief the French would to learn more o Political and economic structures of natives
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