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University of Toronto St. George
Steve Penfold

What can we learn about the attack on York Toronto and more broadly the Canadian experiences of the War of 1812 from reading these sources OPERATIONS ON LAKE ONTARIO SPRING of 1813 Pg 5556 FROM ROBERT HALE SHEAFFE FORT GEORGE NOV23 1812Informing enemy trying to establish superiority on the lakes In spring battle for domination of the lakesThe American government want to possess the Upper Province by disguising it through establishing control over numerous Indian nationsPg 5657 April 27 1813 TO ROBERT HALE SHEAFFE FROM THOMAS SCOTT COMMITTEE OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Submission of observations to SheaffeAnxiety for the future WARFARE ON THE LAKESEnemy strengthening their marines on the lakebuilding a vessel that is stronger than any If the USA gains strength over the lakes it is a problem for the provincefatal Strengthen the marine on the lakesfor the defence and preservation of the province Pg 5860 Dec 11 1812 TO GEORGE PREVOST at YORK FROM A GRAYSafety of Ontario o Prevent ships from falling into enemy handsNot easythe Americans will try to destroycapture shipsUse guns to fend them offartillery men o Enemy strengthening his post by temporary meansAmericans aware of the Britishs attemptso Increase field artillery to break down these temporary defences o Build to keep pace with the enemybuilding ships to counteract their artillery in the spring Pg 6061 Dec 19 1812 FROM PREVOST at QUEBEC TO A GRAYPrevost have made the strongest representations to the Gov seconded by Sir John Warren of the necessity of and immediate supply of officers and men for the ship now upon the lakes as well as those to be built New vessels 120 shipwrightscarpenters to upper Canada o The aids will help execute the plan and approved of laying down at York a ship Corvette to mount2 Royal George vessels in Kingstonat Amherstburg
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