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Nov 2 Lecture #14

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

Lecture # 14 The Union form of the Canadas & the Struggle for Responsible Government Durhams Report uniting the Canadas; responsible government Lord Durham is dispatched form the aftermath of the rebellion and he issues an important document which has recommendations which introduce responsible government and uniting the Canadas. John George Lambton, Lord Durham Report for the Affairs of British North America The Union of the Canadas the treaty of Union; Canada East and Canada West Responsible Government Sydenham; Bagot; Metcalfe Lower Canada rebellion is much worse causalities are sustained by the patriots it was supressed and defeated in its goal to bring basic constitutional change and sever ties with British north America = this was not successful John George Lambton, Lord Durham is sent out from London he is invested with limitless powers and complete control and serves of governor in chief of upper and lower Canada and sent out in 1838 he is tasked with what lead the root of the rebellion and to figure out solutions to keep another rebellious uprising Britain wants to keep its north America colonies for two reasons 1. Economic reasons and having access to North American commodities such as wheat and they provided a place where Britain could send their surplus population 2. Prestige; in the worldwide greatness of the British empire Lord Durham spend less than 6 months in British north America and a great majority of this time is spent in lower Canada where we would be advised by members of lower Canadas eco
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