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Nov 25

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University of Toronto St. George
Mc Kim/ Penfold

Nov 25, 2010 HIS263Y1 Making the Dominion I. Reactions to Confrederation debating British North American union II. The Turing Tide external influences Expanding of paradox of BNA union - Each province own political unit that all want different things (ex: Canada West wanted rep by pop) - though wanted different things confederation = best way to achieve the different things they wanted - support for confederation trails off - turning tide, getting people to agree = external influences I. A) Debating BNA Union - Dorion vs. Cartier - S.L. Tilley vs. A.J. Smith - Joseph Howe vs. Charles Tupper B) Rejecting Confederation - PEI, Newfoundland - Federalism (last lec.) how BNA would be run: Federal & Provincial House of Commons (Lower House) & Senate (Upper House) - Quebec Conference 72 Resolutions - as debate continues several tensions emerge - Confederation contained ambiguity (unsure what the spirit of confederation would be) - At this time is the American Civil War Whereas Cartier called for strong provincial govt, to be able to protect aspects of French culture Maritimes concerned would be overwhelmed by larger provinces, so wanted to make sure their voices were heard in confederation (only ~ 80,000) - Call for compromise (Peace, Order & Good Govt of the Union) Mac: federal govt is given tremendous power (ex: given power to make
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