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1911 Election

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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

THE 1911 ELECTION 1. A Railway Journey 2. Reciprocity, 1911 III. The Inner Meaning IV. The Election 1910, Laurier took a train across the country Whistle Stop Tour, 1910 Railways important to east-west economynationlinks -In Laurier period, railways is more than economics, its an agent of transformation, an iron civilizer, brings progress and development to an area. the first technology that transcends nature railway + telegraph = allows you to bypass nature, info becomes virtual -What did he see as travelling west? A region transformed since NW rebellion and Riel _by economic change, wheat, farms, spinoffs of farms, timbre from BC By 1911, west had 15 of pop. -Whistle stop tour sometimes would go into town, but would mostly stop at train station and would give a speech at the back of the train to whoever would come. And sometimes locals would give info too -heard 2 things: 1. Dramatics greetings and 2. A list of grievance -topping the list of grievances was the TARIFF (national policy tariff) tax on goods coming into the country making them more expensive to come in -Why were farmers so upset? A couple of reasons. 1. Economic affairs at stake, esp. in wheat economy sell it on intl
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