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HIS263 September 13, 2012 “We have lived here since the world began”: Indigenous Histories to 1500 - Canada: Coming from the Iroquois word meaning “village” or “town” o Or “Nad” meaning “mat” or “government” o Leaders sat on golden rush mats o The name of Canada alone shows its indigenous history - Provinces: Have a provincial governing body o Newest: Newfoundland (1949) - Territories: Controlled by the federal government o Newest: Nunavut (1999) - Example time: Toronto, when established as York, was created on perfect European-style 90 degree angles - It however already had some paths that people were already using (Dupont) I. Definitions II. Diversity III. Dynamic Societies IV. Demographics Definitions 1. Aboriginal = Inuit + Indian + Métis o As stated in the constitution (though it does not explicitly use the word “aboriginal”) 2. Indian (First Nations) o Status: Government recognized—benefits, documents etc.  Not eligible to vote until 1960 o Non-status 3. Inuit o Separate legal category o Canada did not have jurisdiction in the north (Land of the Inuit) until the 1930’s o Complex legal history 4. Métis o Creation comes out of contact/encounter o Product of the fur trade 5. Indigenous peoples o “Belonging to or coming from a particular place” Diversity 1. Of languages o 53 Aboriginal languages, over 400 dialects o In this region:
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