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HIS263 September 20, 2012 Christianity and Commerce: A Dependant New France I. Colonisation: The Beginnings II. The French and Huron-Wendat Alliance III. Times of Trial IV. An Uncertain Future Huron-Wendat Confederacy, Tionontate (Tobacco or Petun), Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy, Samuel de Champlain, St. Croix, Jean de Brebeuf, David Kirke, smallpox, Pierre Radisson, and Médard des Groseilliers th - 16 century—establishment of trading relationships - 1535—Cartier comes to the St. Lawrence River, find the Iroquois-speaking people Founding a Colony - Indigenous contexts in the northeast o Major archaeological evidence of much trade in the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy Imperial Contexts: Colonial Ventures - Dutch make a peace agreement with the Iroquois - Counter-reformation o Something the King of France is interested in o Twin goals of conversion and colonization Beginnings in Acadia - Chose island because they thought it was defendable o Didn’t realize that winter would freeze the harbou o Couldn’t get to the mainland - Tried a different area on the mainland o Worried about its dependability Beginning at Quebec - Think about this outpost as a space station o Small group of 50 men o Some leave, 8 are there and alive in the Spring - First family wasn’t until 1617 - Dependant on trade with the Iroquois o Also dependant on supply ships that arrived beginning in may - By 1620—still only 60 men at Quebec o Champlain going back and forth—making multiple voyages - Outpost still survives thanks to an alliance with the Huron-wendat o Furs help support and fund the expedition Formation and Structure - Forming an alliance with the Huron - Champlain willing to act as a war-ally with the wendat o Allies against the h. confederacy in the south o H. confederacy a Dutch ally - Champlain ties conversion of Christianity to firearms o They will only trade firearms if the wendat convert To Live Amongst Each Other - Europeans now asked to live in villages and in longhouses o Used to same-sex living - French believed in corporal punishment, Wendat were not - Practice of exchanging students did not last, they were leaving to stay with th
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