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HIS263 October 11, 2012 Aftermath of Conquest, 1763-1774 i. The proclamation of 1763 ii. The conquest and Quebec iii. British-Indigenous relations iv. Atlantic colonies after the war Prologue: Forging Canada through War - Seven Years War—1756-1763 (Often called French and Indian war in North American theatre, 1754-1756) - American Revolution/American War of Independence (1776-1783) o Civil War - War of 1812 (1812-1814) - Sixty Years War for the Great Lakes (1754-1814) o While other conflicts are discreet, there is non-stop frontier conflict between an expanding Western Settlement of Europeans in the Great Lakes and the Indigenous Peoples The Proclamation of 1763 - Giving the instructions for what the governments of the new colonies were going to looks like - Recognizes that aboriginal peoples had a title to the land and that the British monarchy is the only monarchy able to purchase lands from them. - Catholics cannot serve in the government by British law - Government in New France made of the Protestant minority that moved to Montreal for the fur trade Remaining French in British North America (BNA) - “How are we going to remain French in BNA?” - When the British took Quebec, their intention was to invite those from the British Colonies to settle in New France to create an English majority to eventually push the French to assimilate to the British o However, the settlers do now come o Soil is not great for agriculture o Still a mini-ice age - James Murray invited to become the first British governor of New France, now called Quebec o Has to give up his military hand to become head of the civilian government o Murray can continue to govern in the way he ran his military command - However, there is a big problem brewing for the people of New France o Bishop of Quebec dies o The Catholics are cut off from their church o Catholic religion requires a bishop in their jurisdiction in order to get new priests o Catholic church faces a crisis o Murray creates a secret compromise to arrange for a new bishop  Brings Jean-Olivier over - Murray expels the Jesuits—too dangerous o Allows the nurses to stay, they are the teachers and nurses and important to the social institutions - Murray regarded as a good governor o French civil code struck down o Seigneurial system replaced with a British system where you buy and se
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