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University of Toronto St. George

Lecture 3 January 18, 2012 Towards modern america: immigration and urbanization 1 a nation of immigrants Lots of immigration...all the time Immigrants stay in the north east, industrial area Up north (dakota and Wisconsin) large commercial farms change in imm pattern, many southern and eastern europeans dwarf the upper european and uk imm. American middle class is rising, white native born protestants America/American Segmented by ethnicity and race Pop of industrial cities is mainly immigrants Many Americans not to happy about the immigrants Nativist response Asians faced the most discrimination, most different from the America/American and the euro immigrants. Chinese immigration is soon banned, those in America/American are treated like the blacks. Japanese are treated similarly. Eastern euro is also hated, fear of the major socialist and Marxist movements back home Rooted in a few strands, protection of the usa, immigrants are radicals, and hierarchy of race (germans and austrians at the top) Policy change, shut he door to immigrants, becomes restrictive 2 the growth of the metropolis More ppl live in a urban setting than ppl live in rural, census 1920 Result of industrialism, magnets to big cities Skyscrapers, steel, only way to build is up, railways, subway systems in NY, mass transit, cities can grow larger, if they can spread longer have to have the essentials in one convenient place, concentric rings of housing, the farther out you live the richer and whiter, the closer you live to the centre the poorer and less white you are. The tenements, slums, dingy nature, basically a shit hole City pla
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