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Lecture on The Old South Nov 6th 2013

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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

Nov 6 2013 HIS271Y1Y- TUTORIAL Con’t  Is it really a geographical boundary to freedom?  Did she become free when crossed the line?- Ellen  She became a slave to her own fear  There r of course different perceptions of slavery- south, north and England  She restrains her freedom because of her children Is she freer in the attic?  She has eth choice to be in the attic, even though she is physically constrained  She had eth freedom to make that choice  It’s a form of resistance  By doing this she was effecting the freedom of her children Counter argument  Physically and mentally she still has the same kind of confinement  She is still trapped and physical more confined 12 years of slave- apparently a good movie Lecture- The Old South I. An Agrarian economy  Tabaco and cotton and corn  Prices of Tabaco never went up since the revolution  Rice and sugar production  Very narrow strip for rice production – one of the most labor intensive  Cotton is still king  Southerners refer to it as “King Cotton”  Cotton does become buyable till the 1790s  Gin cotton was to separate cotton fibers so that it can be processed  Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin – revolutionizes cotton In the south  Cotton takes over the south and binds millions into slavery  By 1840- cotton accounts just over half of all total U.S exports II. In comparison to the north  Mixture of agriculture economy- souley devoted to cash crop production  Explanting elite concerned about an urbanized pop in result of urban industries moving in the south  By 1860 less than 10% of industrial workers will live in the Midwestern states  Without economic diversification, the south stays rural  The few cities in the south r still diff from the northern ones  The Irish don’t go south cause their too poor to buy land, so they stay in the north  Thus, the north is has lots of Catholics  Northern manufactures think about slave labor as not economically viable- its just not viable  Southerners r feeling offensive of how the north is judging their llifestyle  ¾ of cotton supply come from eth south- every other country is getting the cotton fom the southern us III. White society  More blacks as you go down- the southern pop breakdown pic  The white pop breaks down in 3 classes  1- upper class r eth planters (own at least 20 slaves and lots of land)  So the white elites r not even 1 % of eth whit pop  Skewed distribution of wealth  Private tutors in the south to educate rich elite children  Women and girls r not introduced to anything except music, art and dance  planter society has an honor code- you did not allow insults to family to protect honor  so dueling was a fairly common practice  the subordinate submission of women  women did not have the same opportunities as women in the north b/c of eth southern honor code  the honor code helps to support slavery- racial and social bondage  this makes the south feel utterly defensive  MIDDLE CLASS  Yeoman farmers- has no slaves- ok- maybe 5 or 6 slaves  They own their own land- 100 acres  2 groups: 1- don’t have the resources to be rich so they set themselves up in relations with planters 2- up country yeoman, more independent and not much into marketing abroad- hold to the honor system more deeply  POOR WHITES: ppl who don’t own their own land  They just float around and can’t produce enough to feed themselves- these and looked down upon as having no honor and r even looked down upon by slaves  Basically poor white trash  ¼ of white pop own slaves- see pie chart  But slavery is so essential f
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