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HIS271Y- Lec Economic and political transformation in antebellum America

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Erin Black

Oct 23 2013 HIS271Y- Lec Economic and political transformation in antebellum America I. The transformation revolution  Gove fed finance of construction of roads, cannels and steam boats  This allows a good east –west Texas  The real breakthrough in connecting the parts of eth country the railroad  1829- first 13 miles of railroad finished-  By 1840s there r 3000 miles of track, more that all of England  1850s add even more mileage  1930s- cheapest method to ship is by railroad and eth cannels drift to eth back cause cannels r more expensive  More dedicated to railroad building in the northern states  Railroad make economic unification of eth states  Transportation network allow broad social change- ideas II. The rise of manufacturing  The beginnings of eth factory system- not a full blown industrial revolution though  Provides the seed bed for the industrial revolution  Possible b/c of eth transportation revolution, increase in number of banks giving loans  Banks r trying to work independently and highly unregulated  So banks r important  Technological innovation also play a part in being the base of the industrial revolution  Eli Whitney opens to door to mass production  Industry is primarily a northern thing  Characteristics: The extent the manufacturing is taking over  Most of eth machinery is steam driven  Most mills were owned and operated by farmers for local customers only- also seed beds for larger community  Post 1812ish – mills producing for national and international markets- thus attracting other banks, companies etc.  Mills are in industrial based cities  Mills r the larger employers in eth city  Local politics- mill owners were powerful  And thus, mill owners were very prosperous in their communities  The mills do all cloth production  1830- The Lowell community have 8 mills. Most employees were women age 15-23  E upshot of this changes the labor structure of eth northern economy  Household bases to a manufacturing basis III. The transformation of northern labor  Brining women in the work force (for a time)  This is a violation of women’s place of what is was thought to be  Women were only hired because it was cheap labor  The machines were not difficult to operate  But they realized- they have to present the mills in a particular way  It was also a social experiment  There had to be a nursery of vitality and intelligence  There were lots of things prohibited  The economic success of Lowell was astonishing  There was then great competition -Causing technological improvement  These women r American born women  Expect output doubled and wages decreased when there was more competition  1834- 800 women quite the job- it was actually the first strike in the U.S  But the strike didn’t last. They women came back  But after that- there were many more strikes  Walking off eth job wasn’t enough- thus causing a Lowell Female Labor Reform Association: it tried to use political action to help the ppl  The upshot is that they go from being though of being part of the nuclear family to the entering the realm of economics and then politics  This also leads to the women’s movement  This causes eth beginnings of labor agitation  Air pollution in the mills, break time, etc.,  The causes eth use of eth printing press as well  They start equating themselves with slaves  A lot of these papers refer to the declaration of independence and the writings of Thomas pain  So they stop working in mills- and the social system branks down  Immigrants start taking over in the mills. So the immigrant poor lower class ta
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