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England's first colonies Virginia vs Massachusetts Bay

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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

ENGLAND’S FIRST COLONIES: VIRGINIA VS. MASSACHUSETTS BAY (Sept. 21) I. Motives for Colonization - Nationalistic Rivalries - Religion - Economic Desire - Population Pressures II. Jamestown (Virginia & the Chesapeake) - Origins and Settlement - The Real Story of Pocahontas (Powhatan; John Smith; John Rolfe; wereowance; Opechancanough) - Tobacco—originally a wild plant that naturally grew which the natives were using it for years. Eventually the early settlers that my cultivating it, it grows faster and better 1610— within 5yrs to put together to send back to England a shipment of it. The idea that profit could be made spreads and by then 6000 pounds were shipped. Maryland –tobacco is a huge boom - The charter for individuals is taken away and replaced by a crown colony. - Its own elective assembly has dibs on the tobacco but the crown is ultimately who is running things - This leads to a fundamental source of inequality IV. The Origins of Slavery - they tried to enslave natives but they weren’t successful cuz they hid - some planters brought some slaves from Africa - slavery doest take off till the late 16 c. - initially it wasn’t economical b/c many didn’t survive cuz of disease - A Servant Society (at first) (indentured servants) --Indenture servants –they paid for their trip in exchange for them to work for them for a limited term, and u agree to it bc u hope in 7 yrs u could have land of ur own. The reason they did this is that they would produce enough profit for one year but the next 6 years if it was a 7yr contract is sheer profit this leads to an influx on indenture servants. Most endure harsh and short lives, planters the contractors tended to whip them and abuse them. Until their contracts were over they were viewed as property. - - Evolution of Chesapeake Society—ppl with means paid to get ppl w/o means to come to NA to work as servants - by this time the English bodies have become adapted to this environment and ppl live longer , more of the servants were living longer past the 7rs so they had to make good on giving them their land but have a far less change of having their own tabacco farm - George Berkeley granted most of the good land to his colonial buddies - By the 1670s—released servants still work on someone else’s land for survival - Many of the servants move to the frontier where they violently clash with natives one of which is called the Susquehanna. The newly freed servants wanted to go to was with the Susquehanna but Berkeley disallowed this bc he wanted to contain the wealth to his group of class so the former servants rebelled - This culminates in a Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) & the Development of Slavery - Societal/Class Polarization - Nathanial Bacon attacks the native and he is declared a traitor by George and this upsets him - This creates the image of an egalitarian revolution and they ultimately burn down Jamestown. Bacon dies of a disease and then Burkly’s gov’t reasserts control -
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