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Erin Black

Andfrew Jackson want natives land to the west 1830 indian removal act A l;and outside of amervican borers reserved fro natives get 1 million $ to build therire land in (present day ohio and indian tetority just above texas) The Cherokee nation vs Georgia state People of Georgia are tryi ng to get native out of good cotton growing land The cher fight back by saying they are soverign people they mnuist thereforr make treaties Cher take case to supremem court to sue Georgia showing they have title to theyre land (they atre n ot American citizens) They win this in supreme court =indian removal act is not valid Jacksons response was having no intention of living up to what the supreme court has said Resulting in internal conflict within the cher who want to fight vs those who want to take the $ and go The ones that want to leave in 1835 sign treaty Treaty of echota 1835 They get 5 million $ Jackson gets army to forcibly march them out Diffwerent groups of natives all over the us are forced into 16000 start on march 12000 make it to ohio (indian lands) This march was called “trail of tears” The ideology of manifest destiny (phrase doosnt exist until 1845) John o Sullivan created it there are 3 component parts: 1. Historical right to continental expansion and beyond 2. Misahia complex, us feels they are smiled upon by god who wanted the usway of life to expand that being the one true way in the world 3. Historical transendance, because they were blessed by god their way of life should be spread to others being made in their image = these all make the concept of a perfect society that others will emulate They believe it was their destinty to spread their values to others The nation of human progress He asks what can stop us? Limitations 1. A lack of unity with resopect of how to accomplish Americas destiny Some say it is destiny it should just happen vs who believe in the repid expamnison od the us even if that mean war with other nations (mexic spain etc) (1820 mexico becomes indpiebndent) 2. Seeing what benefits it could bring to their regons Ex northerners wanted expansion for ports in California (southerners were more concerned with txas cottin, mid west wanted origon) 3. The problem of what to do with new tetitority into a state (expansion is good until actullay froming of the state there are different views in mind of the sates will they be free salves etc\) iv. Manifest destiny in practice 1840s transportation rev linking the country together Government sending explorers westward to map the continent for future expansion (at the moment there is the republic of texas) Rise of abolitionist movement Wanted slavery out but raised the question of wetrher it would move further into the us Manifest destiny of Oregon California texas California texas in mexico Oregon despute with britton 1837 americans begin to settle in Oregon Beginning to take on appewrance of us but werry small amount of people 100 people living in California As far back as 1820 america con trolled business interest they sweeop in the 1830s to take control of it from the Mexicans Oregon Must negotiate with brittish Texas Is settled by Spanish guv rthan mexio aft they gave land grants to am,ericans to come and settle both nations making money Mainly slaver holders coming in Begin to outnumber the Mexican pop in texas Mex guv begins to slow down there emigration of americans by saying can not bring ur slave Aft that dosnt worj they sya they will ban slavery Mexico produces a dictatorship guv General santa anna outlaws slavery in mexico He sends trrops to assert his law Thoses americans first tried talks did not work\] they declared themselves the republic of texas There is a wave of money and supplies from southern us to help They had earlydefets, but they ultamitly succeed in defeating in 1836 the Mexican army (theryre were internal problems in mexco at the same time) Because of this he grants texasa theyre independence, because he was upset with the internal mex affairs he gives tesxans a greater tetority bthan they originally claimed to piss off those in mexico This becomes a American despute Texas wants to be part of us at the moment they are a foreign guv Its not the same way to admit it as a us tetority Texas admits treaty in 1837 Jackson says yes but congress says no because 3 reasons 1. Congress is scared to take texas because of the land desput of extral land wit mexico 2. Others say this is A plot to add more slave tetority( some thatouht Jackson allied with slave holders and anti indian men) Texas is the first time that issue of slavery has prevented admission to the us 1836-37 the first anti postal campaign in the south us At same time they are sending too many slavery petition to the us congress that mail was cut off Quincy adams predicts unless America coyuld get a handle on slavery it will destroy the nation Meanwhile texas keeps trying after every time they are turned down Therw formal treaty of anixation :2/3 of congress must win the vote (they have majority but not enough) The 1844 election Turns on question of expansion Both national parties wigs and dempocarts want expansion But wigs are more cautious about it (1840 firs
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