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his 271 9 18 2013

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Erin Black

Sept/18/13 His Englands first colonies; Virginia vs Massachusetts bay 1.motions for colonization Spanish were first established explorers English were primarly interested in fishing off the maritime coast oex novascotia France established fur trade trading post both not interested in south climate Mid atlantic seaboard not claimed yet England changes its mind and gets into game Dutch setup under new france new Netherlands= newyork but british eventually take over Several for englands change of direction 1 nationalistic rivalries Eng and spa were alies before the change Breaks down 1685 they are at war Engs benefit to have settlements to counter spains tetority 2 religious motivations Era cathloics and protesnet faiths fight for domination each nation has their opwn faith Race to convert the most people (natives) 3 economic desires Eng nneded new source of economic structure prior to mid 1500 commerce was wool and cloth to int market in Holland where they would get good to return this collapses =create colonies to trade these exports 4Population preasure 3mill 5 mill 1650 eng is being overpopulated Get rid of the burdened people(on land they do not own) by shipping to to the new world with promises of having their own lan End lacked means to guv foreign colonies Solution issue charters to private groups to establish colonies inn the name of England Wealthy men using their own funds to explore First go in Virginia is uncusessful 1607 second go group decides instead of going onto a island go into land and set up Jamestown first brittish settlement in chesapeak area (chesapeak bay) At the moment enviorment is swamp insect infested many eng die st Founded by Virginia company private investors queen elizthe 1 was a virgin queen -= name Virginia Joint stock company; contributed by many investers together if takes off profits will wreak what tahy invested Capitalism alfready in effect First years are very hard high death rates more man commoing over and dying nbecause of the enviorment The original group of people were of wealthier class believed they did not need to do the most basic of needs such as crop Powhatan indian helpd them surivie Insatead of fighting them maybe make them his allies in their fights against other natives Main goal is to enlist them as subordinate allies establish trade And contain them Real story of pocahontas Leads to Pocahontas his daughter Settlers send men to negotiate /demand more food (cpt john smith) Chief not happy about demands takes john captive almost kills him until pochantas pleads for his life, he is sent back to settlement great misconception of story he saw it as a sigh that he liked her\she ends up marrying another eng man and goes back to eng cpt john rolfe 1616 what actually happened she was 12 at the time anative ceremony n known as werowance to display dominance over others =smith and eng he was never going to kill smith he was going to make them subordinants showing untimate mercy over life and death not a love sick girl she was lkidnapped and heled ho rolfs wife died he was loney their wre no white people in settlemet so he decides to marry pochauntus thinking stragecly maybe chief will bless them st 1 man to christian marry minority even though it was a forced marriage =without the chiefs aid they would not have survived!!! Chief dies in 1619 Brother takes over and does not like eng opechaw…. name Tries to evuct settlers launching war party raid against james town kiolls 350 in 1622 News make it back to eng of a brutal savage kill= (-) streotypes This was seen now as a opportunity by eng to go on the offensive Over next 20-30 yrs series of ongoing raids and scermishes Colonist stragety attack before farm harvest burn dopwn towns so they are not prepaird for the winter Most as these natives have alredy developed amunity to eng there Collin carried by birds etc Virgina becomes an established by the tabacco plant!!! T grew wild in north America Settlers see natives smoking it If u take the time to tend to it grows even better In 5 yrs they have enough to send back to Europe who has never have tabbacco before Sells at a very high rate first profit!!!! They made millions 1620 virginai was able to ship n60 thousand Population now 100000 Exporting 35 million pounds a yr In 1624 private colonie becomes taken over by crown for the $ Royal collinies Started out as private investors as scuess is shown eng swoops in and takes over taking away charter Settlers refused to pay taxunless it is their own people in parlliment on colonies(want their own people to say how much they should be taxed) This inequality eventually leads to slavery!!! Salvery Tabacco is a very labour intensive process and they do not have enough labour to do this\ Spanish started slave traded slave Britian instates in caribean islands Most armers did not want to spend $ to buy slave who would most ;likely die within 2yrs from disease Verginia is enitally a servent society Encourage people to mobve to Virginia 50 nacres of free land Appealing to wealthy and peseant class (most cannot pay their passage) Wealthy woud pay for their passage if they worked fopr the for a certain amo
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