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his 271 9 25 2013

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his 271 9 25 2013 Usa200 The colonies to 1750 Demography British have pop increase Clear economic devde between colonies Cult and pol developments bringing common identity of colonies together Chesapeek anncarolina will be called southern for lecture Demography New France and Spain ate not growing asbfadt as Briton Pop increase Becoming distinctive colonial societies Result of Immigration and have g children( natural increase 3/4 of pop growth ) Evidence for all solidarity Happening more in new england colonies because of better gender balance than in south Ne children e pected to live longer be only 20% of southern made it to adulthood 1720s When wife died usually from child complications husadNd would remarry Ben frank was one of 17 children Immigration Acont for a quarter Made diversification in colonies Eng eventually becoming minority and in new world Socts Irish looking for opportunity in new world can finally afford to come over and bring families Scotts did good here The largest ethic group to migrate 2nd. Slaves 2nd Eur group are Germans allot in Philly and rural areas, migrating further south Patterns of growth and settlement By 1700 they have not moved very far inland 50milez Indians an staying close to supplies from coast Land in new world cheaper that any were in Britain empire New england 6fold Connet it new Hampshire Slower growth Most imigrats did not want to settle their because of their closed religion puratins inside Many felt it was also on settled enough an unstaleer Middle collonies 10fold pop Surpasses new eng pop because of immigrant Penselvania best place for a poor man to go u can make it there Mayor Wilson pen not playing games like other mayors Men commoning over had just enough to make it across ocean Taking on endentures becomeing laborers Those with means get farms in mind Southern colonies See bigger gjrowth than Ne Because of Afr slaves b By1770 the have the greatest amount of pop Colonist in up south Uneven distribution in south Development if urban center Philo is largest 2200 in 1770 France half a million It is more about how fast they grew City doesn't distinguish a place by size 2500 plus is urban we use urban word in stead Cities begin to be mapped how they will grow Cities in south are all ports favoring ports over urban development so they can grow crops openly for profit such as Charleston Cities become commerce of colonies Centers of learning ex news papers in citiesnspread into rural His USA pt 2 1920 urban out numbers rural Colonies economies Most colonist had higher standard of livig than peoples of new france and spain Ne has quarter of sourthn profit Farming dosnt make allot if money in north because we have same climate as Eur Diff is we have more space for live stock than Eur Fish becomes major industry Many artisins to make clothing shies etc growth of skilled trade class Centered mostly in cities Lumber becomes part of economy for ships as well Middle Colonies follow the same way Having small portion of slaves only in cities Diff in need in the north Penselvania also becomes bread basket of the world, also feeding parts of southern euro South is very diff Having tabaço rice sugar Georgea becomes last colony Tabaco rep 1/3 of entire colonies export to eur South area wealthiest All colonies are oluged into triangular trade network from eng to aft for slave to new world and back to euro with goods Ne import any and everything from tea to tobacco importedvto emg and sold back South is a two way trip Colonies are now economy stable Growth of slavery 1680 becomes economically better decrease in number of slaves ofnslave companies emerging and greater supply Also more desirable better than edentured servitude Denied slaves those legal rights. A life time service Can also create more slaves Racial in stead of. Lass device (bacons war) Distinct of USA is based on race all slaver pre was not entirely on race or color Europe questioned morality of slavery since natives were not get to that later Afr were 2nd largest group to conies Born free in Afr sold by winning Afr conflicts or kidnapped by euo traders Slave also being brought into south america Middle passage Started as freeman turn to slave 100s cramped in to ships not being able to lay down Convicts had more space going to new world Tow month trip Living in horrible filth unconditioned Disease is great on slave ships diesntary dieass treaty Traders exoe ted to posse
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