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his 271 10 9 2013

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Erin Black

Building the new republic; Americas 1 25 years 1. A rocky start 2. Creating the constitution 3. The search for stability; George Washington’s presidency 4. Conflicts west and east 5. Origins of political parties 6. The age of Thomas Jefferson 1. A rocky start A number of issues faceing the usa Fed guv lack authority to deal with, only power to make war and treaties and limit trade st 1 yrs was seen more as 13 divided states Drafted in 1777 articles of confederation; destupoing bpoundaries to west Became 1 problem to deal with All but 3 states had claims to west States made jiants claims that were unreasonable The 3 states Suggested all the land unclaimed shpuld be given to federal guv st New yorks claim becomes 1 federal land around great lake area States werere more interested in personal inrerests than national union took 5 yrs to decide nd 2 problem comes aft co nclusion of the war America is in debt They just start printing money = deflation of the dollars value Congress has no authority to tax States keep their taxes to themselves They creat land off of selling the western land to private investors but that will take time they don’t have 3 issue unstab;ele boundariers with britton and spain Wen broke bond Mississippi meastboundary would is America, west of it is british land with many forts having soilders inside of them There is nothing the new guv of America can do because they think of themselves 1 than st a,merica as a wehole britton knew this The Spanish get flordia at the end of the war to piss of usa Spanish close Mississippi border to American trade( significant water way for trade) Again There is nothing the American guv can do Some people in country believe articles of confederation needs to be rewritten to give congress a little more power to deal with crisis Impetus for change Is growing cicil order in massasstus, shays rebellion Because fed can not tax they are asking states to give higher tax top themselves to give usa a cut Mas is diff they were costal types commercial happy to raise taxex They wanted not $ but gold and silver because $ was devalued farmers had $ but not gold and silver most of them forfitted their land because ethey could not pay farmers petitions are ignored because th mas guv is coastal; commerce shay marches into court houses and frees prisoned farmers these men were called rebels to be put down fed congress scared of it getting bigger send us small army,. Because of size they wre unable to stop mas guvanmor hires own public army to put down rebbillion james maddison in virginia makes a conference to reaxime articles of confederation, \\\9oideal isn’t to ditch them enurirly but they do ) 2. Phildalphia convention 2/3 of 55 delegates had law background and served in fed congress so they knew its weaknesses Want to freely explore alturnatives and free explore with ut frea theyre oponions will come back to haunt them This was not a united voice between the states ex rhode isl small ny bigg Plan 1stb plan was the Virginia plan 15 delegates imposwed to dispose old articles replace congress woith 3 branch guv exec judiciary and new congress 2 tier lower and upper house Also rep in both houses are based on pop Big states would have a bigger rep Smallwer states did not like this they created their own plan Called the new jersey plan Maintaining single chamber congress Each state has one vote, able to alter congress beaige abltop do things like tax Plural presidence ythat would rotate And BE PLUIRAL Plans debated back and forth biggest issue is representation Compromoise is 2 tier congress one of house rep by pop upper hpouse is by eual rep no matter stae sizer Opening door for a new form of guv 3 branches were made lehgislature congress 3 lower house states by size have more reps, elected for a 2 yr term , elected by the people white males Raised question how do slaves count are they people who can vote or property of tax North did not want them free to make a bigger south piop Compromise based on counting all free persons and 3/5ths of all other persons\a slave is referend to as 3/5 of a person Three-fifth clause Upper house is baded equally weach state has 2 senators Elected every 3 yrs Dnot elected by people but state legistalatures dosnt change until 1912 They now have more powe ex to tax borrow $ coin $, regulate trade between states and foreign countries, setting interests rates, pattons coppy rifhts, call forth military, declare wqar on foregin power, rules military functions and finally The elastic clause;congress can make laws all listed above has power to make any llaws required in order to perform duties The executive Decided the president will be one man serving 4 yr clause no limits on # of terms he can serve He has a vito power over congress, congress can thann vito his vito if they have 2/3 majority Commander and chief of forces but can declare wqar\ Can negotiate treaties, ratified by 2/3 of senate Can be empeached (removed from power)grounds atre if hje commits treasons high crimes and misdimeaners 2/3 to bring up the trial and 2/3 to kick him out. House vote to start senate decides if guiltiy or not Majority of house must agree to put him on trial This has happened only 3 times and Andrew Johnson, Nixon, Clinton They won all of their trials except for
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