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Erin Black

Antebellum social developments: the age of revivalism and reform 1. Demographics of immigration 2. Womens sphere: expansion 3. The second great awakening 4. Visions of utopia 5. Reform societies 6. Abolitionism 1. Demographics of immigration Around 1815 us had 8.4 million fast growing majority was whit agrarian protestant this alters as immigrants irish cathlics come over Africian americans free ansd slave were 20% ? Natives no count because they were not citizens 1840-50 shakes up demographic Plus natural incresase Regional distribution of us pop changing aswell as they spread By 1860 california is a state Largest percent of imigrants are irish catholic mostly moving to the north They leave potatoe famin in irland come to ameriva broke They work in the industrie sector theyrwe is sirplus of labour so bosses can play them what they wnazt Germans coming in wewre better off they moved further inland mid west Irish imigrants are in competition with blacks and other ethnic groups for jobs social status etc The gwermans do the best Manafactures are happy to have the people come to America to be they wadge labours (lowering wage costs) Native born americans do not like this becacuse competition for jobs and irish willing to work for less money Theyre was a general distrust of immigrants because the relion and culture go against American values Plus cathlics alegence was to the pope in rome Characterized as igronant protestant held themselves higher status They are painted as drunks and ignorant There are able to take advantgage of the franchise of voting in blocks making political regimes to put their own people in place This upsets many native born americans (After civil War ends in 1865 1970 on we see another wave of euopeans come across) Their was a hierarchy within the white race Native, british and irish at the bottom Whites perceived blacks and irish on the same level Americia tries to introduce them to their own values The defy this beciuase of their easy access in and their great numbers 2. Womens sphere: expansion Women steopred into political round last class Women are exclude to political life before and after that time They were important for their role as mothers: The maintence of public verture They raise they future sons leaders of the country The republic ideal legitizremizes female edu (they needed it to raise the next generations) Traditional gender relations remained unaltered( women and mens world diff) By 1830 there are 400 academies to edu young women all in northern states Rich southerners would hire private tutors for their daughters Women in north were introduced to philosophy nand shycoliogy to rear politician childfren Trhe law showed no change in Legal status on w were determind by husaband Wadges of income made by her husband had righ to control He controlled w sexuality Cant sue other people cant sue w u would sue husband First headed by father than husband (legal dependants 1 exception w who become widows get to keep husbands propery middle ground but once they remaired they would loose it again to their husbands Other than this w realy had no legal rights (nothing to protect them even from family domestic abuse) Anything except for treason or holding a brafel women could not be held accountable for Theyre is a growing mental health population in America Doctorine of private spheres: theyre was w world insoide home and mens outside W place was expected to be in side of home ex(w working under tight conditions in mills from last class) When women did extra work to maske $ ex sweing community clothes or selling cookies was not considered work W only perceived to be fweminine if they were good wives on home W did not like this There their bfreief ntime in mills found out about pol and work Those who did not had edu now There was a public reform in America threw that w understood how thet were 2 nd class citizens This led to w right activisim in the us In volved in anti-slavery org as well because they both had some thing in common Understand they are denoied theya lible right form the constutrion 1848 senseca falls convention : the first w right converntion Org by 2 womenof the lower upper class (Elizabeth candy Stanton and susan b Anthony) They brought along w and men of like minded thought(not many) They produce the declaration of sentiments (how w feel) and resolutions This was the same as declaration of indipendece how brittion wa s oppressor and uisa oppressed they replaced it with us oppressor and w oppressed There was a demand w ghet all righjt and privvilage men have as citizens have more importantly the right to vote These were all held in north souythern w did not havce as much community access and unity There mmessage fell of deth ears because this ewas to strong a appeal for the time But the stage for women to vote is set here This was also coming out of groth of religious evangilisiom 3. The secnd great awakening Drawing on Methodist and bapthis Originating in north east (1ssssssssssssssssst was in 1740s puralisist calvanist) Most importanmt feature: Opotimistic and democratic thology Gods return is to happen soon in the united states =- people mus look insdioe themselves convert and become moral Every human being has the power to decide if he of she can be saved the core of it is oindividualisim theis is diff form pulalist 1 awakening thought U don’t have to know every word 4 word of bible Egalitarianism: very1 can be saved and u don’t need some one to save you This is a nicer cooler message (not like god will dam u to hell if u don’t) Hot medium minister come s to town and gets audience to tell their sins and experiences than convert and become part of the faith The preachin g was differenft first was prepared and styalized These new form were people who got up and strted speaking freestyle People whgo did not need to go to chpool to learn how toi preach Used music clapping jumping shouting Many blacks were doing this Revivalist spirit is taking over The area of rotchester newyork becomes known as “burned over district” They had many poor imigrants and cathlics going therw traditions of house hold to industry econmy lost of drinking and sins Great awakening starts north heads south west spreading message there the railroad system moving people and ideals The highest preacher ast the time was “Charles grandison finney” Started as a laywer in 1821 made his conversion ever pople in England want him to preach He thinks it must be live
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