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Reconstruction and the new south 1. The impact of the civil war 2. Wartime planning 3. Presidential reconstruction 4. Congressional reconstruction 5. Republican rule in the south 6. Southern redemption and the new south This lecture will not be on the exam midterm I. IMPACT OF THE SOUTRH Both side payed heavey prices Union lost 360000 men con fed 26000= 620000 men lost This was by far the highest casualty rate of any war because the us was fighting itself According to newy data mayb 1 foutrh of a million th 13 emendment end of slavery Us econmey is booming in north In soutrh the impact is huge 10% of the souths white pop was killed Cities lay in ruins A billion $ worth of damage, the millions invested in slavery are lost once it is ended The south is bankrupt Physco cost Its way of life slavery nolonger exsists The freed men an estatic to be free but their lives are now full of huge incertainties The vast majority own nothing but the clothes on their backs Will the guv help them? Questions like Was the south punished enough Are blacks equal who should shape reconstruction Answers started coming during the war ii. war planning ab linconms vision\] reconstruction should be restoring natinal unity proclamation of amnesty reconstruction dec 1863 wen only 10% took oaf of allegence to union they could come back in and reconstruct he hadn’t started thinking about freemen yet congress plan they believe a.l. is to leanient\ in strad of his 10% at least 50% take oaf of allegiance to union and must extendfull rights of former slaves wade davis bill A.L. takes longer to sign the bill on purpoise so the bill expoires and is vittoed South is mad they ostAL dosnt want to make it worse The queston of land and labour A.L. thought on this was undeveloped Slave holders wer required to sign contracts with theirs slaves making them pay there slaves for labnour Give tejm food medical care selter And slaves must be obident Planters say to close to slavery Planters say it is to reminisint to slavery Free men believe they had a moral right to the land In march 1865 congress passes bill of Freedmans bureau: distribute food clothing ease the transition of freedom, divide up confiscated land and then gives it to freed slaves(this is only for a small percenyt April 1865 liuncoln is killed In fall of 1865 andrew Johnson linkns VP is in charge He has months before congress is back on to make decisions by himself He from tennasee(tyho his state succedec he annpounced his allegence to the union and became their governor or general In 1864 he was reached out to runn as lincolns VP so they sharred a white houe with north and south reps He was ok will slavery but did ot like the wealthy planters, but he excepts emancipation because iut will bhurt the people he hates Andrew johnsons vision He set the following criteria th : they would have to say they never diod it again and radify the 13 admentment He has no pland ior care for helping the free men Southern response There will is not subdued The south did not radify (Mississippi did not ratify until the late 1990s) They put old confederate leaders back in office ] They passed laws called black codes tpo hussle the free men back into their old rles to restore their economic order Ex vagerency laws u could not be off theplantation unless u have a reason for being on the road Apprentanchip laws they they would be put back under their old masters Leaving blacks no choice but to labour to whites and theywere seen as inferior Johnson does nothing about this Sympthying with the south This encourages southerners to cary on until dec 1865 Ehrn congress reconviens since they left in march There are radicals in congress who want to punish the south Moderat congesss are up set aswell they unite with the republicans Iv. Congressional reconstruction 1866 congress passes bill to strehgenth free blacks and show south they lost Extends the life time of freedsmens bill Johnson vetos it Congress fails bvy a narrow margin, this make a stronger merging of moderats and radical 1856 civil rights act is made Black shgare same legal rights of white, wipes black codes off map Johnson again vetos but congress wins this one His attempts shows they jkust take more drastic measures so jonshon and pres like him cann not do this th 14 amendment April 1866 the 14 amendment makes all native and free men us citizens, if ur born in the country ur a citizen natives are not in until1925 Denies state to deny equal rights to any1 under the law In 1868 it becomes law Radical reconstruction and military rule March 1867 bill passed called The military reconstruction act Dividing the sputh into 5 military dis
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