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The war of 1812 an dthe awakening of American nationalism 1. origins of 1812 2. impact of war at home 3. The American system 4. Foreign affairs and the Monroe document 5. Limits of nationalism origins of 1812 underlying causes france 1790s at war with britian 1803 as well when napoleon takes arms against brittish both sides urges America to join George washington declared neutralism before the war, therefore they have the right to trade with whoever In 1790s American traders shared good trade to Europe sending goods like sugar from caribean to Europe Us marinen es are the quickest growing anywhere Britian dosnt like success of American trade By 1805 the war has stalemated british have seas napoleon has the continent Brittan makes a bloakade around Europe from shiping goods to French regardless of nationality first had to stop in eng port pay fees an permits than move along Napoleon says any veessles complying with their blockaded will be ceased and boarded Circumstances get worse as time goes on 1806 instead of directing ships to britian they board ship at sea take goods and people if they feel they are deserters of britian working for us(these were all genual us citizens) This was called impressment They took 2500 sailors Jefferson give sailors somewhat as passoort this does not work 1807 brittish fires on vessel still in us boarders kidnapped crew and took cargo This is worse than a blockade a violation of American sovereignty Jefferson still does not want war with britton the worlds most impressive naval power Jefferson responds by closing all American ports to brittish vessels seeks reperations for lives and cargo in britton and to repeal impressment All the us ebassator gets is a apology Jeff ha s3 choices 1 war 2 nothing 3 impose imbargo on brittish (madissons advice) 1807 embargo act Jefferson takes number 3 toanother level embargoing all of Europe of trade’s Jweff beleieved neither bri or fra couldn’t last long without us trade t.j. miscalculated he didn’t account that a fair amount has changed since 1760 amnd 1770s the us growing navey and how much money they were generating from European trade it backfires back on us their econmey plummets losing 80% of trade of exports and imports hardtimes no befall farmers becausze there is no market to sell it to 1808 tj last yr in congress, the last thing is does is repeal to end embargo act In its plafe is Non intercource act 1808 Making trade with everyone except britian and france Set to expire in 1810 Brittish and French are still harshing American sailors President maddison says who every stops harrshing American shipping first then us will cut off trade with their enemy The French is first to do this Troubles in interior with native American tribes First shots of American war are shoyt in the apalachians The us received millions of acres of land paying off natives (53treaties) The American people on the gorund did not care for their governments treaty In 1800 5600 living in state of Indiana by 1810 24000 people in 1820 150000 people Growing pop unknowingly or knowingly violating treaties Jefferson was to make trading post to tade with natives its goal was to make natives dependent on amrica They gave natives loans on food when they could nolonger pay guv would take morenative land In 1805 tenskwatawa the ptophet (Shawnee tribe) Has a vision white people will leave Urges his people to stop trading with americans exceopt for firearms His brother Tecumseh helps to spread his brothers message building alliance with other tribes to fight back against americans This alarms the governs in these tetorities In process of breaking up tribes they found brittish weapons b eing used They thought brittian fdronm Canada was aiding natives on to fight America (brittish are still in western forts) These were old weapson from the former war although brittish did urge this on allittle but not to extent Congress men are urging guv to go towar against the warhawks who are fed up witrh Madison June 1812 was is declared against brittish Reasons for war Brittish support of native people brittish in forts they should have left lonf ago And harashing of us ships at sea Unacknowledged causes of war why it occurred in 1812 1. Political- there are problems in republician party 180-8 maddiosopn unliked in his party 1812 he is even more unliked because of embargo Maddison decides to throw his support behind repoublician views of going to war with hopes that would secure his presidency They attacked brittish Canada because us doesn’t have navey to fight at seas Ofyther reasons: As us embargo was in effect brittian turned more to brittish Canada to trade This worries those in us this was a effort to make us the dominat player in the northamerican ecpnmy War lasted 2 yrs Impact of war at home 3 main tyoes: Economic political and national 1. Economic; the embargo act us goes into a ression negative Positive- even though tj was seeing future as agrarian (farm) threw embrgo he unknowingly opened door to industrial age in machiene based manufacturing pre industrial revolution Not trading witrh others have to make thewir own shit Mainm product was textile mills(weaving cloth) 2. Political; the larger public was devided on was federalist were against it (they like trade with brittian) the n.e. state oppose war these were fed back bone Rode island conneticut an ne didn’t want to make malitias in 1812 1814 hartford convention to break form union because they didn’t want to go to war Cooler heads prevailed, they came up nwith arg ind states can make their own authority to protect themselves fprm unconstuntional laws Before this only feds could nelafy a federal law this was called nulluification This was not federally sanctioned by guv War ends on gud note for states After over the political parties come together this is known as the erra of good feeligs A mass feeling of patriotism (even tough most of war was a stalemate us did not take over Canada and we burned down the white house) Nationalisim help them to perceive war ending on high note Allot of war was across great lakes middle arerica and new Orleans tjose men wwere led by andrew Jackson who later becomes president in jany
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