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Erin Black

Liberalism at the high tide Towards the great society i. Postwar interregnum ii. John f kennedys new frontier iii. Lyndon Johnson and the kennedy legacy iv. Building the great society v. Evaluating the great society The guv acts for a minimum starndard of living for fdr’s deal The growthe of libvberal state treaches it height in 20 cne i. Postwar interregnum Tru,mamn wants to bfollow in work of fdr The Truman 21 point plan: Call for federal edu, call for national health care plan etc man moreonly 1 of 21 get through congress The watered down guv imploymemnt opportunities Congress will fo what theyt can but thry know there will regardless be unemployment By regecting every part of the program we see a backlash against new deal For concwervatives it was expensive to run Put increasing power in federal hands states don’t like] Others saw new deal as un-American, to far to the left fo us (socialist) There are efforts tpo roll it back congress is now filled with republics one of the reason for backlash Taft hartly act: if majority of worlers vote for union u are unionised this act says no its mnot ture Truman tried toi veto it but went through Ynion leaders had to declare they arnt socalist an they had to give away their financial reports This was due to congress taking power an supported by southern democrats Svared democratic party was leaning towards civil rights because it was the black votes in the north that kept the demos in progress while southern demos were scared of this Truman plays to civil rights In 1947 desegrates arms forces 1 pres to address NAACP Says theres a sericous gap between ideals and practices wich must be closed Southern demos in 1948 convention eliction leave because Truman supports had made a federal anti lynching law and other things for civil rights They form their own wing of dem cratic party called the dixicrats dixi menas confederats They elect Strom Thurmond Extremely racist man he died in 2002 Without half of his party truyuman was expected to lose also repub lics were gaining stregenth Truman ends up winning because he is able to rely on new deal cpollition of labour class, blacks and others he wins very narrolwly He says he will bring about a fair deal, although congress blocks most of his attempts Refuse to act on civil rights, national healthcare, education, njew tax structure, tep tartkly act, authorize funs for Columbia river valley area electricity bring them out of poverty They said this was a socialist value Truman blames republicians for failure but he didn’t fight very had, more concerned with foreign refom (Russians) Eisenhower, rebublicians takes back in 1952 Wants to get fed power, balanced budget and liberal program alothogh he did lean to the left He supports helath care benefits and raiding minium wadge We do se small advances to the ideals of the new deal There is no extent to expand the liberal state tho He dwas not in favour of civil rights movemnt Civil rights post ww2 panomonom 1954 brown vs board of edu Civilrights wins its victory here with 5 diff lawsuits In Kansas children were uo set they had to bus to black school when white school was in walking distance Thurgood marshal He wanst to overtuirn the separate but equal idela Even if the facilities were equal the psy impact teaches black youth that they are unequal The chief justice earl warren agrees He says To sepewrat them because of race makes a feekings of inferiority…. The desegration of public edu system must begin One thing is to rule it to do os harder They did not set a time line Some schools start but others drag their feet because there is no dead line (white schools had more federally funded and much better) 100 members of congress southernsers walked out out of congress on supreme cout Isenhouwwer doesn’t like it either even though he was the one to appoint earl About 700 schools have desegrated bit mostlyt in boarder states in south none of them are White residence little rock Arkansas refused to do it evcen though black strudents were registering Orval faubus says its fine let them register 9 black students tried to register They are all turned away but they come back they next day with news cameras This is a bad PR nightmare for isenhower admin He fnow felt he had no choice so he sends natonal guard so these students can go to school Frabous wanted to turn all schools oin the sate to private schools so balcks could not register but they did not have enough $ to do so Montogemery and mass protest Rossa parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man under the law she is supposed to She is booked and ordered to pay a fine and she refuses Blacks are 75% or ridership they all stop riding buss system almost collapsing the bus system They org bus rude car pool and taxies and waked, blackjk churches are behind them MLK is in onme of those churchesa Leaders of boycott sues themontgemoery in 1956 they ruke it uis a violation of the 14 th amendment The by cot plus church said they could charge the course of civil right through non violent means and churches woulf play key roll In 19578 black minserts 7 mand the SCLC southern Christian leadership conferwence and elected MLK as their leader The afc the black community in south leads isenhower admin to start thinking aboput vcivil rights In 1957 bill is passed 1 st peace of legislature 100 years to adres sthe ideal of civil rigfhst (it had not reall teeth or effect) 2. john f kennedy new frontier Kennedy wins election in 1960 Republicians are back Pledged to get country moving in foregin and domestic conderns racisim and povewrty New forntiers for the us saying ask not what your country can dp fpr u but what u can do for youre country To inspire youth Although he has a mixed rep as a liveral Helps black communities, and unemployed but did not expand welfare state and ed which go nowhere under him He does not move on civil rights until the end of his 1 term becuae of the actions opf black oin the us Why did he lack commitment? He placed eco gorth an unemployment at the top of his agenda thinking it would make better soc problems solving botth of the problmes he made a majopr tax cu to the us, thsu taking away $ the the fed guv would have he also is to occupied with foregin affairs and cold war crisis in berlin berlin still has pockets of westeden influeberlin wall and having issues in veit anme and Cuban missle crissin in 1962nce that’s kennedy attempt to cut doweqwn Russia attempted to install m,issles in cuba He sawy if u don’t get your nukes out of cuba its war and soviets back down an promise us will not attack cuba, and sectrt promise ton take missles out of turkey but they could still attack Russia form their subs Reason he dosnt act an cicil right He thunjks it will ruin hi chances if releection in 1964 Michael Harrington created book called the other America looks
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