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Erin Black

Vietmization Appeal to public opinion my Nixon Dealth with anti war movement Ranged form criminall having fbi and irs attack individuals Have helicoptors fly over demenstrators and blow out their canddels Have thggs beat up anti war protesters He did manage a gud pr campaign though 1969 protest vietname mormintarioum day oct-nov Couple days aft gvies pres release talks about non protesters Reaching ouyt to appeal to them called SILENT APPEAL Emthasizes vietrmaziation will redusce casuality rates because mena are coming homw but cant pull out all at oonce Appreals ton patriotisim not wanting the us to loose their 1 war appeals to public Accompanied by massive boming campaign Less American troops more bombs avg to 1 ton a min Design to show north viet eventhough us tropps are pulling out bthey still are not going to leave the noprth viet to take power of the south The private face of nixons plan Tpo terrorizwe north viet to giving up Know he had tpo take out hojeaman trail Takes the war into neighbourghing Cambodia They are natural although the suplly line is going through Nixon decides to secretly go into Cambodia and stop the line only those in white house knew of the invasion at the time It leaks out an Nixon says it was a necessary action to nprotect those us still in viet and he would rather be a 1 term pres Public ideal of him was now bad because ehes taken the wqar into another country now 4 students are killed in process of protesting the war going in to Cambodia kent state ohio 1970 It hadn’t produiced any results in stopping nmorth viet He steps up military pressure again bombing and going into Cambodia to disrupt the hojeman trail in north vc This time no us toops thgey were south viet troops It was a test and they failed The planes allowed them to retreat aft Vietmization is now questionable because ethe SV are not able to fight their own war Protest back home are also fueld by revilations of my lai Plus release of pentagon papers june 1971 Detailed info from pentagon everything johnspon knew abouyt the war they get published in the new York time by elsberg a low ranking official n the white house The American [eple now have proof of all the bad things that wwent on\ Nixon is beginning to get paranoid Many wire taps Make plumers org to go aft people like elsberg who leaked infoi Found ways to discredit his opposition Congretional anger is getting up aswell In 71 they try to limit nixons powers War powers rresolution Stops pres from sending troops abroad he can seed them but only in emergency situations and for 60 days if congress dosnt agree Nixon keeps same pattern in vietname goin In june 1973 leads to signing of paris peace accords Sease fire but u can hold the tetority u are holding All pow will b released Us will go home an muts take equiptment North vuet will stop the trial uin Cambodia Electiosn will be hels to determine the leader of north and south vietname Everybody breaks these rules but a piece treaty has been signed officially And America is out of the war Is this honorable and was the patrh to id? One thing it did do wa spersue DeTente 1. Deals with Americas relations with ussr 2. Wiyth relations of communist china In 1949 us refused to reci=gnize the communist party of china as the legitmate guv of china This is reversed Mao Zedong Chinese pres China began to give signals they wanted to tralk because ethey did ot like the ussr much st Nixon became 1 us pres to vist communist china Nixon view the great wow of china Seriuous talks They signed a treaty sayin g that therye was only 1 guv in china and America would draw their troops from china where they believed tehat that was the tru china guv And economic trade is opened between the two China now includes tiwan Nixon and the soviets He goes to Moscow now The biggest focus is on arms talks known as SALT Limit the # of intercontinental missles that each side is to have it only covered the older weapons This plyus opening of china leaving viet alone for a sec this is impressive foregin policy for Nixon He achieved a break in cold arms talksopened china stopped vietanme kind of Sits in the middles of the road iv. Nixon on the homefront Nixon cared for foreign more than domestic easier to control he was republican He Dosnt dismantle the greatsociety framework In 68 he campaigned against the great society Created enviormental agency By 72 democrats control congress A moderate rublician He played bothe side satisfying liberals and concervatives but he challengesmore to the right attacking civil rights agains Wanting more white votes inb the south Blocked busisng of black and white kids He is ocrting the concervatie south He also odes a 180 and adds a quoto system to jobs He is both sides of the frnce A hogopge of reactionary meqasures and decisions There is nothing notiable abliyt his dopemstic policy His foreign policy may have made up for his lack of sdomestic if it wernt for Watergate Nixon was paranoid often felt persecuted even b4 taking office He taps phone draws enemies lists, has plumers secret group whoich deployed illegal ways ton hur is opinientes As next election lingeres he expands the plumers They harrase the opositin and discredit them Nixon authorizes the commoties to relect the president CREEP They do the legal things Many who were on this committee were also plumers Some are caught breaking into the headquarters o
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