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Empire abroad progressiveism at home i. Anxieties of modernisim ii. The crisis of 1890 iii. America looks abroad iv. Progressiveism v. From community level of national reform vi. The transformation of the liberal state i. Anxieties Modernisim Concerns about industrialization It creates a society where memberes are not comnect in the same way b4 civil war Large concentration of us pop becoming poor because of in balance of wealth The gap shouldn’t be so big Labour unrest because of distribution of wealth, scaring alglo catholic midloe class scared because eof growing socalist voice Rural americans concerned about of place in econmy because eof less reliance on agriculture Urbanization Fear loss of rural independent self being own bosses As nation becomes urban fewer people own property Fears of moral degragation because o public entertainment venues (red strip district) excess drinking etc Immigration # of immigrants commming form soutrhern eastern euro and chinnese Us will be over ran by these people who are nopt amnglo catholic diff values socalist Closing of frontier Creates worries Fredric Jackson turner “frontier thesis” Made a speech of failing of west how it was essential to Americas success character crreatin g freedom new ideals etc how significant the frontier was to the development of the us The closing of the frontier closes the 1 era of the us People aslk now what will happen to the American story? What now? If the 1 frontier closed we will go abroad from us international domestic goods Everything unrested in 1890s economic depression little jobs etc Ends in uis wadging war against spain Everything is boiling in this decade ii. The crisis of 1890 A new political party appears “ the peoples party (populism) Formed in 1892 Havent had a 3 party since 1856 Believed existing parties were not ninterested in mitigating the problems at hand in the us They did not like monopoly It was true neither pary wanted to engvage in $, they believed in the guv that guv best guvs least. Not involving in places it dosnt belong Many fwelt a new party was needed inspired by agrarian revolt Agrarian revolt Farmers begin to org themselves Consumer prices on rise since end of civil war while cost of living is going up , the cost they could sell their goods at is going down Allot are going outr of business Freight reight deferiential The cost to shop freight It cost less to ship contental then within states this was done on purpose to expand borders even internationally This is bad for farmers who are not shipping far There is one set company owning railway making this possible Farmers made regional then national alliences in 1892 reached out ot labour c;lass aswell and merged concerns to give to peoples party of us Populism platfaort Economic democracy, ti help insure it call for guv owner ship oif telegraph and railroad Call for creation of sub treasury so farmers could store their stock in guv owned whare hgouse they do not pay rent and can sell good when prices/stock goes back up Graduated income,e tax (operating in Canada) The tax u pay depends on how much u make (They are quiet alies of cilil right struggle) Men making 20,00 an yr paying as much tax asd millionARES Introduce free silver to the market aswell as gold 8 hour work day fopr industrial workers See senators directly elected by the people Most of this platform will not be intro duce all at once in the decasde They do put on plat form for ither parties to advance in the future 1893-1897 the worst deptression so Far in us Its legenth vindicated the concerns of the populous calling for guv involvement this proved their point but at same time they began to lose influence 1. They came in with to much rederict people wondered if they were full socalist 2. The two main parties demo and repub;is start to see the refprm, bug they start enganing ion the problems of the peope 3. Alos looks at amerivcsa place on the oworld view iii. american empire foregiun policy fell off egenda aft civil war with reconstruction it begins to pushj for expansion industrialization the rise of the tarns contential railroad was a reason that help transport much industrial goods to ports where trhey would be shipped by sea abroad depress the us continues to experience the depression on and off even though they are making success the us is currently producing m,ore goods then there is a market for bring dpwn gtheir gross domestic prodeuct their problem was over producing why not market their goods abroad (at at time when Europe carving uop world) the naval lobby concerns for need of market opushing forward need for us navey enlarging ,markets will put us into conflict with other nations doing same thing need fleete to protect us commerce will require places to stop along the way nee dplaces for ships ton stop along the way of pacific (steam ships could not cross the entire way with out refilling) exports triple imports double, American ivestment triple, more americans are now living abroad preludes to Europe hawaii viewwd as a stepping stone to Asian markets important to us sugar trades traders were incontrol of hawaiis sugar and pineapple industries (pushing out the native traders on the islans) this increases us politicalk interests in Hawaii as well upuntil1890s a leader begings to revolt agvainst us control this upsets americans who revolt back and stage a coo to take over hawian monarchy they say they are electing “Sanford dole” as a new president of us (the dole republic) 1892 they call us and say annex Hawaii as a state President doid not believe they could rule in a nation that far away full of natives also dealing with depression In 1898 in happens Exercising the Monroe doctrine Said in 1823 to eurpoe Hands off land the western hemisphere At this point us hand no mussle but the brittish backed it up By the 1890 us is more aserative on its own the forteign investment ex 50 million inbvested in cuba Us is again flexing it muissle in western hemisphere In 1895 veneswala Conflict between then and british gianna In 1895 us suggest that they let the us be the deciders of who gets gianna This is a us attempt to become more dforceful Us say let us legallyt be a 3 party aribitriator or go to war with us The british agree because they are alrwady in coinflict with germeny To the us they feel good now (They decide in veneswalias favour) This all leads top a war with spain that last 3 months 1898 Asplended little war The Spanish effeort to resist cuba effort to become indeoendent Trhe Spanish were brutal to them shipping them off to concentration camps starving and raping them This new reaches us boarders and creats great sympathy for their struggles ( 1. humanitarian desire 2. Plus they had 50 million $ invested in the country News papers magnify the conflict creating hgreater public interest but us guv does no
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