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Erin Black

Vietnam (foreign policy) 1. Post colonial context 1945-1954 2. The interim period nation building 55-63 3. The descent war 64-68 Our approach to Vietnam Why did US get involved in the war? Frenchg colonize3d indo china By 1837 they were entered into the indo china union The French could never quite control in rural But in urban they imposed their culture Nguyen ai quoc Takes in ideals of western nationalism why denying there them imposing on others During ww2 there were allot oif vietnemese sent to france to reinforce them He asks wodrow willson to help puish for independent viet Hes not euro so no help ths he turns to comunisim In 1929 makes Indochina party communist French leave japanese are now the enemy He believes the allies will win war so he use ar,my to fight the japs, thinking by the end us would help them push for independence Cia works with theire vet counterparts st Quang didn’t learn his lesson the 1 time Fdr promises rance back Indochina after war as reward for winning the wear The day jap surrenders quang hos say viet is independent he says ythwe us independancwe all men are created eqaual little did he know viet would be soplit intoqw between chineese in north and French in south French send troops to reassert rule same in north for china Ho haters Chinese more than French He makes arrangement to temporary occupy French do not honor this nort2ww they want to regain theur honor lost to germanyh to help them get Chinese out 5 yr Indo china war During cold war tentions for the east were high for us CONTAINMENT: comunisim like cancer msut be contained and isolated Redscare desperate to prove non communist potiental Thus the US will hrather hep French They see ho as a puppet of Moscow The world was divided into free and communist zones it fails to take in nationalists why must you choose ne side? Ho more interested in nationalism then comunisim US uses French to keep communist out of viet Us needs French to regain strengeth so they can once be a strong financial power Us was giving 8% of fench war effort At this point us was only involved physically by air dropping saupplies 1954 French made bao dai therie viet leader While soviets put ho chi men as the leader of northern guv of the democratic party There is now a sectionalisim made The viet army cruch the French at venmen neu How do u kill communist supply line through other countries U would think this win would help them win footage in geniva China one of the parties in compromise put pressure on ho chi min to cease fire and not push for independence Viet was divided and French would withdraw form north vuet form south And a election wqould occur in 2 years Thjis doesn’t happen hos shi ma knows he would win 2. the interim period 54-63 Dinh diem is made prime min of south viet with help of us He has no intention of honoiring the election in 2 yrs The nationalist do n ot support him strongly He is catholic in a buddist country He dosnt trust any1 outside of his own family and dosnt listen to advice of his US backers Isenhower admin pumped $ into south viet to creat a non communist state Some want to asee country reunited, trhey were called the viet cong VC The us sawe them only as a military threst not political They held oujt a message that ressinated with the pesants of north and south Diem also isn’t able to make a brand of nationalisim to unite the country Allot of the country becomes negelected The VC a being supplied by the hosheman trail which also went through neighbourghing states which made it hard to cut off The assinate many people ex school teachers police sheriffs who work for the south In 1960 JFK is pres focus3ed in new frontier of liberty A subscriber of the domino theory He cant afford gto look soft on comunisim He thinks by increasing the amount of ci counter insergeiencies and military advisers in Vietnam he had sent 16000 there It becomes harder for them not to become caught up in the war Kennedys adviser a partner of ford motosr thinks like a business man he says he we send a certain amount of men in we can win this was wrong # of bullets bombs and men ]the us guv did not have a understanding of the viet culture The solution to pesants helping the VC was to cut off pesant exposaure ro VC taking them form their lands and relocate them to more defensiveable hamlets(all in one place Forceable relocation did not help for pesant support of the US war effort Ziem alienates many in the south His religfion is his undoing In 1963 there was a celebrathion for budda he brings in trops to evict thenm they shoot many there Ziem refused to crack down on his officer who were getting out of hand Ziem also refuses extra advisonr hel-p form the us Budest munks are burning themselves in the streets in protest In 1963 ziems officers take adv of the instability and kill ziem The US knew this cou was happening and did not try to stop it they saw him as a liability After this the men which came after were even worse fighting with eachother 2 weeks later kennedy is assinated aswell 4. The secent into war 64-68 Johnson is the pres now Jusrt like jfk he feels the us can not ytake their losses and run He lloked at the idweal of munic and hitler if youy don’t stop them in their tracks they will get stronger They saw the us defence of south coria as a success Johnson also doesn’t want to loose vuet the same way they Truman lost china He must now ask congress for a decerlation of war In summer of 64 us ship is Sailing ON coast of Vietnam (naval intelegance ship) The north viet were attacked and send out sdhip to find out who did it there is a erxchange of fire A viet ship goes down Johnson orders them to repeat their mission to show their stregenth This time the next day they are in a rain storm They intercept viet orders to attack could be wrong signal becaue of the rain but the US ships start fireing Next day their was no material evidence that they were shot at Without waiting to see if it happened or not Johnson goes to congress now not needing adec of war because they were attacked and mustr prevent further aggression Thus ths was a undeclared war Jpohnson takes baby steps in srending US troops into viet Hes easing the us pop intyo the reality of the war and saving money so he could spend at home He would also risk having Chinese or soviet intervention In a attack in th
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