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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

st The united states and the 1 world war Wood row Wilson and the world war Peace and war aims Peace without victory 1917 feb thing are getting tight for Germany making any ship on the attlantic german ships an subs will target Us intersepts a tellagram (Zimmerman tellagraM) If u attact the us mexico will make sure yoyu get back trhe tetority you lodt to the us Us is pissed They send 5 us vessels have been sunk by Germany Woorrow asks for declaration of war The us isn’t in this to take on germans but to vindicate whats right wre fighting for principles making the worl;d safe for democracy say pres wodrow Talks about how us prides themselv es in lloking out fpr the little guy thuis they have no choice but to go to war The enter not as a ally but an associated power under its own military command thus they are figfht for diff reasons though fighting on same side as britian and france ii. The progressive statein war: Domestic us as result of war se war as opportunity to assert aspects of pol agenda they see potential to go theyre way training camps would create men with highest morals thus prohibiting prostution and alochol in camps French offer prosuttes to fusterated American men soilders but the us general refused War boards and ptrogressive spir War industrial board; focus bring labour and industrial management together (cant have strikes during war) War labour board; exists to resolve labour desputes To appease labour they put in place 8 hr work day, minium wadge forn 1 time and increases wages for 1 time, makes collective bargaining rights (in some industry) All things the progressives wanted to see, wanting an increase guv role in econmy Food aministration Task is to prokide food for us and allie forces Meatless Mondays fishless Fridays etc lol Fixed prices of produce to boost producting (helped farmers stay stable) Encourage us citizwens to plant victory gardens (letus taomtoes to sustain youwhile lkarger AMOunts of food are being sent over seas ) Willosns contribution was stopping having the white house lawn being professionally mowed, his solution was to have sheep on the law to eat the rass not to get out pf hand Railroad admin that standardizes freight rates Thus things the populous wants are coming to hand because eof guv inviolvement due to war Prohibition Moral reform grouos and progressives have been asking for it for a long time since 1840 It would save wheat to feed alies Closing brueries waould hurt the german war efforts 1917 19 states have passed in favour of it This is enough to amend the constsution 18amendment (dec 1918) banning the making and selling of alcohol iii. Womens sufferage9vote) Women made prev strides being active in war effort by enlisting in war as aid workers, nurses etc 25,000 went to france to aid war effort At home when the loss of men calls for women to go to work in their place(also immigration stoped at this time) Large # of house wives are not leaving hoime(this is diff from ww2) but single women are and ones in female occupation are adv into mens professons These all help womens request for the right to vote Women begin to foprm a ogr for them selves The national owmens sufferage association 1890s Launched campaign going statae They only had fouir by 1910 Wyoming Colorado Utah and Idaho not as much as they need They decode to abandon sate campaign and move to a national capaing Picketing infornt of the white house, go on hunger strikes chain them,sleves etc When war starts they say how could us make claim of saving sdemocracy when women do not have the right to votwe at home They have 200000 including black women Republician and progress ive both indorse P, have genuine believe r just want to get back into white house Willson opposed for a long time befcuase he knew the majprity of men did not want women with the right to vote Typical argh 1. Politics a mns business wone cnat understand 2. If they hasd the right to vote it would destroy the traditional family The 19 amendment is sent out and passed in 1920 because a lot of congress was in favour of it, Wodrow eventually had to give in The right to vote was huge but this was just the starting for most women Also provides opportunities fopr blacks iv. aferican americans and the great migration there were links between w sufferage an civli right the war gave blacks in soutrhn them a opportunity to move noth work in indtrial places in north 1915-1920 half a million blacks(10% of southern pop) head north to get away for share cropping system there are recuriters on north recruiting black to go northy with new jobs real;ity are diff blacks not permitted to join unions, certain neighnourghoods where blacks can not live thus they a sent in to live in same –place black womenj in north were only able to wor domestic work black middle class in north did not like this increasing mass of less edu black coming north as well theyre were black assisting them aswell goes on to 1930s this was a result of ww1 changed voting demograpohic as result of gtreat migtration leads to emergence of black encores such as harlem and other communities that founded black protest in the 20, and 30 they were not as bad as g
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