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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

1920 america i. A dynamic economy and a mass society ii. Modern mass culture iii. Changing social values iv. The new woman v. The new negro vi. A society in conflict i. A dynamic economy and a mass society Last class we ended off talking about the red scare Broief rwession aft war Us enters 1920s some what battered The 1920 election republicans promised return to normalcy the win the last time they won was 1912 Business is once again given free reign President Coolage quotes a man who builds a factory builds a temple the buis of the us is business that is our job Business is a big –part of America creating ,asaive eco growth though it dosnt last It is nick named the jazz age highest levels of prosperity thus forth rise o0f Hollywood boirth of new woman age of mass cpnsumption advertising etc = modernity It is also a conflicted decade Wants of more traditional values as well Mass production; The econbmy does well in 1920s arg sector is lagging industrial sector is coming along Brief recissiojn im 1921 then spike in up until 1929 64 billion 1921 -87 billion in 1929 Unemployment is low at this time (there were enough jobs) lowest it gets is 1.8% Rested on 2 industries The automible industrie 60% of us families owning a car The largest single manufacturing industrie in the 1920 us Also spawned other industries gas stations garages fast food restaurants hotels etc Henry ford was one the 1 to introduct the assembly line every1 else followed in its success Manufacturing increases 32% in the decade Mass pro only as useful as mass consumption Mass consumption ans the growth of consumer society: Becuae of the growth of the advertising industries Possible because of per capita income of middle class increased while cost of living didn’t change much thuis greater purchasing power Mas pro introduced radio washing machines phonographs etc= consumer revolution People start conceptulazing the amerian dream interms of what they can aquire Form going to America with a dream, also adding to what you can aquire in the drem its nto hjust the $ u earn oit the goods u surround=d urself with This is where advertising comes in =stimulating desire 1920 shift in adv uind move the us vakues of thrift and reoair and save to buying the new and shinny speand don’t save don’t repair Adv called themselves missionaries of moidernity helping to ushger the us down the modern path done through a change in nadd content The contenet of most adds just described pre ww1 the product not the bi product of owning and using it what that product can now dop for u in adv urself in society Less about the product more of what it will do for you Even the lower classes who couldn’t compete in this dream wanted to buy these goods The solution to it was credit the range of it became bigger at first it was only limited to the storew u got it form Americas debt more than doubles over this time As well as instalment buying is introduced ex putting a little down then paying the rest montrhly Morgege is made aswell, those who bought land aside from farmers used credit to but homes Recfreating the ideal that every1 ownes something thus making them independent Thus Credit helps to fuel consumer revolution (the responsibility of one to country is no longerone fighting war but one of consumer now) ii. Modern mass (popular) culture MaNY pleasures music movies radio Movies are most popular part of 1920s Spawned Hollywood In 1927 there is sound added to movies (more than just mucis hear vocals) Big theatres are now being built, the movie kept its admission cheap to lure more people to come an see it American of all classes could feel the good life playing on screen the jazzsinger in the first talking movie an immigrant whos father is a singer father has capabiliteies to do religious cermoiney singer like father but he chooses to do jaz intergrating into amefrican culture jass: a creation by African americans whites take it over an down play its origins features improvised solos over a fast beat the great migration of black outy of south helps to sporead jazz popularized in 1900s earl;y In new Orleans this was brought top northern cities younger white americans were attracted to jazz new beats new energy to dancxe to aside from slow classical music it is cleaned up to make it more acceptable to white audiences 1920s become known as the jazz age after 1922 book the jazz age This jazz frightrened allot of older whit amerocans It ispopulared in phonograpgh birth of record industrie and radio the cheapest way to listen Radio doing more than just m,iusic cermians religion, sports games u cant afford to go to, soap oprahs were birthed over the radio Air waves are buzzing By 1923 over 500 distinct stations More than 2million radios a year by 1925 being bought iii. Changing social values Sexual revolution flooding the us A sexual revolution? Sex becomes talkable ( it not as full blown as the 1960s) the act its self dosnt have the full blown lyet The fact people are talikg about sex in pyubl;ic was a change its original purpose was to propreate if u spoke about it as pleasure you were a whore Coyples now doing it for pleasure Movies explored sexual topics Americans are titlated excited by pictures of sexuality on the screen Suggestive song lyrics ex I need a little sugar in my bowl This is now in your face in a diff way now Also the dances change between having distance between two people to closing dancing promoting closer physical dancing, girating hips pelvic thrusts There are limits: Despite it does no tmake u a hore or unfreligous views sis nbot change over night premarital sex si still tabou More couples inage are having se Dating: Datuing is new to 1920s aparied relationship without the direct intent of marriage encourage sexual exploration though not sex it self x pre marriage Those not in commited relationships a term known a petting emerged (high in college and hiugh school students) kissing to coursing of partners body More sexual ex[ploration thoghug stoping short of the actual act of penetration Most think these acts will lead to marriage, also mving beyond d bonds of marriage, somewhat like postutes all becoming normative Youn people met and do recreational Youg people are free from adyult supervision the car helps this Differing from the Victorian image of men and women needing to have a shaporone Socilaztion use to be in the families house private setting Youth now have more freedom This is also in rural settings middle town was the name of a study in muntsy Indiana a small American typical town they found the same things were goung on there as in big cities only in smaller proportion was npt confinded tyo big cities =cganhing soc cul valueas and shifting ngender ideals Women become objects of desfore, more indfependent, assertive the have vote an d want more shcoolind higher edu etc iv. The new women 1. Social expression The image of the flapper mostly younger women Free spirts showing ancles legs , have make up hair done fancy clothing etc A distinct challenge top older Victorian values the only people whowore make up were prostutes This all has to do with advertisers pushing women to by their brands Smoking in public use
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