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Erin Black

Thestruggle for equality i. The civil rights movement at high tide ii. Militant black activism iii. Red power iv. The latino struggle v. The revival of feminism The 60s Becomes more active in persuit of equal rights for all even women and gays Post ww2 phenonamon Cold war struggle gives aid extends its way of live over even blacks, how r y starting a war againsrt us when blacks in ur soiuntry are being treayed like shgit The early 60 are non-violent Mlk and southern Christian leadership conference Made dociraine of non violent protest I n 1660 feb cicivl right s is kicked on greens borough Wher 4 black students sit down at white early counter Wven the mans working there was black They come back by the end o fthe week with 1000 students to participate with gpaol of desegration of counters In 2 months similar portests are spreading across the us 54 cities An 9 other states Protesters were attacked weven some whites were protesting with blacks They end up seceding because there vassembnly distributed business enough that the owners changed their [poloicies( non guv involvement) By easter 1960 300 students strike and make a national commities to make these protest called: Student non violent coordinating comm9ittee (sncc) Many of their parent are in involved in church committee students wanted one for themselves They think theses standins could be even more effective if they are all coordinated talking across state lines to eachother Sncc challenge the nccap and coor and other established civil rights to help them n the sit ins In may 1961 an yr later it alies with core to make the freedom rides Theya re going after interstate trasnsportation Blacks riding grey hpound across statwes and they need to be desegerated There was a guv order to desegerate which the owners did not listen to previously Freedom rides started in Washington dc and stops at Jackson Mississippi Stoping at towns along thwe way they were often met with white protesters assaulting them with violence which is put on local and national news These is a reason Robert (bobby) kennedy serveing as atourney jenneral was pressured to take action against this violence because it is bad for Aarmy to help them move the busses mericas image he is more sympathetic to civil rights that his bro jfk he calls in Jfk did because he feared he would loose the southern vote Efforts to stay disengaged is challenged by the following: James merediths fight with the old miss James isa vet airforce attempts to enrole in old miss school in 1962 he has a court order The guv of the state ross barnet personally blocks james interance This sparks riots Lead boby kennedy to activate fed marshals to help him inrole Once the federal marchals rioters grow 5000 us army troops are sentr in aft 150 marsharls are injured Southerchristian leadership under mlk 1963 tragets berlingham alabham They picked it becaue it hads a viciopus record of police violence and segregated buisneses The goal is that peaceful blacks and violents whit cobflict would reach out to the whites who were on the fence seeing this would inspire them to take a side woth the movement March 1963 3000 blacks with mlk march Mlk is arrested and throen in jail he write sthe best exolination for the march addressing it to the whitew audience who have been saying to him not to rock the boat Called letter from berlingham jail Confronts white racisim Mlk is released by time emany more protesters They are attacked by rioters and the police force Firehoses highpowe, dkennedy saysd ogs and gas This news is starting to go international, looking rely bad for the us image This is when jfk says will respond to the civil rights moemvemnte Mlk dosnt trust he will keep his promise so tru insure he does many civil rights groups hold demonstartions in Washington March on Washington aug 1963 Where mlk gives the I have a dream speech Consisted in 250000 people 60000 whites marched on congress Infornt oif the Lincoln memorial because he made the emancipation proclamation There was also a free folk concert with artist like bob Dylan The success pays off the civil rights act is passed and pulled out of the senate which was philbusting it In a year was followed by the voting rights act A product of blackt activisim, 2million out of 5million voting age blacks by 1964 There were efforts in 62 to start getting black understanding the significance of voting 2yrs in results still not greaty They not targeted missippis with the worst rates Missippiisiis freedom democratic party Thousands of blacks flood in to help the endge the voters Spread to alabama It took 3 times to be sucessdful because they were turnt back 2 times by the police violence This inspires pres Johnson thayt they need a speraate policy to inforce voting rights The 3 time works aft Johnson calls the national gurad in Out of this ocmes the voting right act 1965 Moving into 1966 Civil right is changing 1. Expoanding fdorm sout to entire nation Demanding ecomomkic and soc justice for blaces The non violent principle is fading into background ii. militant black activisim this is centerted in the more north formal leagalized segeration is not ramampant in the north the make up of CR in the north is diiff most in south are black middle class And white most in north are lower class focus on economic rights while the south focus in social rights the north foucs on economic opportunity and issues of housing that were previously closed to them, picketing slum wards improvments leads to series of urban race riots violence large scale violence started in the west wats riots in la in 1967 164 urban riots alone the ones in new jersery Newark and Detroit had the mostr attention by the time dtroit one was over 43 b;lacks killed 7000 taken into custody property damage totaled over 40 mill this was staoped when milliraty was called in because police could bot stoip it on their own LBJ created a commission to undrertstand whats going on even though hes trying to help them The answer was fusteration with defacto segetration racisim and police brutality These make bad but there is a justifiable reason for this happening They all had common dominatiors Unemployment, tight way ovwer crowed housing, Inadaquated sanitation i9nssensitive offivcials, prodominanatly white police insensive municipal oficials, These thighs are in all urban centrers in the US Many saw the violence as deep grevences and bad living copnditions When mlk is in chicargo he is booed an told to go home He understodd trhat the wing he eqwas leadeading on was focused on after desehgeration not the current Theyre are economic and social opportunities not being met for black, so he shifts in to ecoinomic improvement]in dec 67 affairs poor people will be brought around the nation to stay in washoing dc in april 68 and they would stay until things are changed He is killed b4 this happens Unliuke 5 yrs b4 when they could starnd and protested in malls etc they are now being avicted By 1967 85 percent ofd whites though that blacks were pushing for tomuch tro fast When asked earlier only 34% said they want to much The reason for this is because of urban violence and the press pays lots of attention to the militant side of the black movement Black power movement Malcom x Malcom little born in poverty hais father follower of marcus garvey was murdered for his beliefs and Malcom was taken by the guv Spends time in prison for armed robbery where he educates himself and meats islam It’s a
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