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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - England's First Colonies

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Erin Black

HIS271 Lecture 2 SEPT212011 Englands First Colonies Virginia vs Massachusetts BaySpanish initial explorers primarily in Caribbean Southern USA Mexicoy The Spanish arent interested in anywhere farther than thatFrench setting up colonies in Nova Scotia aka Acadia more open to settling around y Not interested in south of Nova Scotia y Concentrated on fur trade therefore past Nova Scotia was too warm so they stayed thereMidAtlantic seaboard north of Florida south of Nova Scotia was emptyVirginia a whole stretch of land in honour of Queen Elizabeth I the Virgin QueenFor 90 years England wasnt so interested in settling in the New World they just wanted to fish in the waters of the New WorldMotivations for ColonizationNationalistic rivalries y England and Spainallied which is the reason why England hasnt claimed any landcolonized thy Late 16 centuryEngland and Spain enemies ending their alliance pitting the two nations to show their dominance over each other y England starts colonizing for power over SpainReligion y Protestant Reformation occurred spills over to the New World y Countries ie France Spain England sought to convert the natives to their religions to add to their power in terms of rivalriesEconomic desire and need y Mid1500s Englands economic stability collapsed their economy was based on selling woollen clothes in Antwerp y England needs new way to export goodstrade goods y Examples East India Trading Companypeople trying to control market helped develop seafaring capabilitiesPopulation Pressure y 15001650 population of England and Wales grew to 25 million y Needed to migrate some people y English crown lacked the means to govern overseas citiesnew colonies y Englands solution subcontract to people who wanted and had money to get their own land y Some failed miserably to start colonies some because some rich people dont know anything about farming y 1607first successful English settlement JamestownJamestown Virginia and the ChesapeakeOccupies Maryland Chesapeake Bay and VirginiaOrigins and Settlement y Group of private investors Virginia Company sought out Queen Elizabeth Is blessing to establish a colonyVirginia y The Virginia Company divided profits on amount invested commercialprivate enterprise y Settlement almost failed100 people sailed and 35 survived 9 months later y The area was swampyprone to malaria dysentariapeople died of diseases y Most people refuse to farmto do work that was necessary to feed themselves because they think it was beneath them y The colonists expected Natives to feed them y POWHATANchief of the Algonquian peopleAmbivalent to English provided food to the starving EnglishHe thought he could coopt them as allies against their enemiesHe hoped to contain colonists and help them enlist as subordinates and secure trade ie metal and weaponry
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