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The New South and the Far West

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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

January 11 2012The new south and the far west1The new southPost civil war southNot really all that newNew no slaveryFocus on agriculture a little bit of industrializationdoesnt take so wellBlacks still provided most of the labour in the agricultural not really wage laborersSystem is not really all that different socially and politicallySome talk of civil rights not taken very well by the whitesNew south is very poor civil war had wiped out most if the souths capital crippled the plantation economy Per capita income declines by one third between 1860 andDuring the civil war blockades on cotton force the trade allies to look towards egypt and indiaIndustrializing EffortsSome southerners wants industrialization see a futureHenry Grady news paper the atlanta constitution sold adds and tried to prod southerners into industry have an abundant raw materials and a cheap labour source thought that the south could go head to head with the northWrongRailroad First real moveHell on wheels actually pretty goodLabour source the blacks still miffed about slavery whites a little nervousBring down textile mills many start to leave new england to take advantage of the poor south cheap labour and raw materialsSouth becomes the head of cloth productionSouth very proud of their steel and iron productionCotton is still the souths biggest focusNorthern bankers and investors had no intention of letting the south beat them at their own game Rigged the price so that north steel was cheaper and made south steel became inflatedLabour source stood in the way of advancements in technologyLand tenancy and sharecroppingFree slaves want their own landOnly 20 of black southerners own their own landSharecropping the person who owns the land provides a portion of land to the worker in turn for their labour and then they divide the cropprofits instead of rentWould seem like it was beneficial for both parties blacks no longer are slaves whites will always have their land tended toIn 1880of blacks worked on share cropping
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