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The United States and the First World War

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Erin Black

February 1 2012The united states and the first world warWoodrow wilson and the worldCreation of the Federal reservesNo foreign policy experience phd in politics and historyNever even left the states beforeDidnt like the way Teddy had run the countryApproach to south america much like teddys believed in the monroe doctrine interventions in many south American countries teach the ppls to elect good men Pretty much stayed out of europe AmericaAmerican is neutral when the war breaks out neutral in thought and actionAmerican neutralityCan trade to whom ever they wish even if the countries are at war with each other as well as the safety of american citizens that travelThinks of it as a position power can be a mediator between the two sidesHopes it can use its neutrality to broker a new system of global relationshipNeutrality put to the test country of immigrants no thoughts are neutralBritain blockade americans cannot trade with europe not to upset trade with Britain increases 400 Germans put up a counter blockade with submarines UBOATS issues a blanket warning travel at your own risk Pissed of the AmericaAmer
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