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Dr.Liamvan Beek

HIS271 A Collision of Cultures: September 15 2010 Old World Meets Old World There was a great diversity of culture and language before Europeans entered the scene 375 languages Some of these groups were settled, others nomadic After the 16 century, when horses had been introduced, these groups became more nomadic The materials they used were completely dependent on the surrounding environment Despite the depth of this culture, Europeans who entered this land had a very skewed idea of the world th It wasnt until the 15 century that Europeans discovered America The information we have on America at this time is very Eurocentric Europeans began to expand their influence within the last decades of the 15 th century Explaining the Growth in Exploration and Conquest Growth in population Results in an increase in trade and commerce (more people = more things, and more land to produce those things) Advancements in navigation and long distance sea travel Possible to go greater distances by sea Stronger monarchies Once weak, and divided monarchies are more powerful and unified Social, economic and cultural impulses The Renaissance is happening at this time, pushing people towards optimism and adventure The printing press aids the circulation of the idea of these new places Growth of mercantilism
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