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Dr.Liamvan Beek

HIS271Y Building a Nation October 20 2010 ---GET IT UTL--- Last Week Lexington and Concord Unwillingness of parliament and crown to change their minds about governance of colonies Thomas Paines Common Sense, critiquing the imperial system Declaration of Independence American Revolution, formation of new governments, funding, etc. Was this a revolution, and if so, how revolutionary was it? Revolution was important was because although it didnt bring immediate change, it set the foundation for that sort of change to happen later, creating the framework and language with which marginalized groups would use to gain equality Restructuring of politics, saw that the new governments were weak and decentralized, suspicious of too much power in the hands of the few The idea of a weak government made it very hard to govern Organized convention in 1787 to alter Articles of Confederation to address the failure of the weak government Concerns: nothing binding the states to the articles, each state had different laws, power didnt really rest in the power of the population Virginia Plan privileged the largest four states because it was based on representation by population New Jersey plan privileged the smaller states, representation was equal Both plans benefited and gave more power to Congress The greatest concern was the issue of representation Within that concern was the issue of slavery (were they people with voting power?) How to balance the need for national sovereignty with state rights and how to limit the power of the executive The Great Compromise
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