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Territorial Expansion and Sectional Conflict

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Dr.Liamvan Beek

HIS271Y Territorial Expansion and Sectional Conflict November 10 2010h On top of industrialization and urbanization, immigration, expansion, and slavery are also adding to sectional conflict Immigration 1790-1840 the population in the US tripled, and would continue to double in every 25 years On the eve of the civil war, there were 33 states Cities were also skyrocketing In 1790, there were only 2 cities with populations over 20,000, but by the 1840s, over 40 cities could boast those numbers This increase comes as a result of massive immigration th The first wave of immigration begins in the early 19 century, roughly around the time of the War of 1812 and continues until it peaks in the 1830s40s This immigrant population consisted largely of immigrants from England, Ireland, and Germany They were coming in such large numbers because: Push factors: politicalreligious strife, poverty, population growth, agricultural depression Pull factors: promise of a better life, the American Dream American fever Industrialists deliberately encouraged immigration by offering incentives to workers Immigrants, because they provided cheap labour, were key to the growth of some of Americas key industries Railroad lines also worked to encourage immigration The railroad companies were granted large tracts of land along their railroads and thus wanted people to live and work the lands States also worked to encourage immigration Even shipping lines advertised
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