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The "Roaring Twenties"

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University of Toronto St. George
Dr.Liamvan Beek

HIS271 The Roaring Twenties February 9 2011 What did the major debatesconflicts of the turn of the decade reveal about deeper social and cultural divisions of the 1920s? Why do you think this decade has been characterized as exciting, modern, expansive, creative, and liberating? Do you think this is an apt characterization? What tensions existed between modernity and tradition in this period? Below the surface of unity and patriotism, there was a great deal of conflict The inability of the war to resolve these conflicts left many Americans disillusioned after 1918 So, the result of the 1920s was a turning inward both in foreign policy and domestically In many cases there was a move away from the reform spirit Influenza Pandemic 1918-1919 It hit communities so hard and so fast that it crippled their infrastructure and inhibited their ability to alert and record the characteristics of it Three waves of the flu hit, and around 20 million people died worldwide In the US, around 700,000 people died, more than twice the casualties of their WWI contribution The event of this flu, directly following the war, was stressful and caused anxiety Economic Unrest There was also economic turmoil During the war, the US made quite a bit of money, especially in the agricultural sector
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