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Erin Black

THE UNITED STATESAND THE FIRST WORLD WARFeb 1IWoodrow Wilson and the WorldHe did not have any foreign policy experience at this pointHe finds himself running the US at a time when foreign affairs is crucialWilliam Jennings Bryan becomes the Secretary of State he is a pacifistHe believed in the Monroe Doctrine subsequently authorizes the marines to intervene in many Latin American countries he considered these interventions the product of the dedication to promote order and stability American NeutralityNeutral nations may trade with whomever they wishThe declaration of neutrality meant the US could take on a position of mediation Neutrality Put to the TestA nation is full of people with ancestries from both sides of the conflict so neutrality was problematic from the onset the different ethnicities in the US are thinking sentimentally about whom they would like to winBoth sides try to test American neutralityoBritish blockade surface vessels protested by the US but trade exports ultimately escalated so they were not particularly hard hitoGerman counter blockade consisted of submarines meaning vessels hiding under the water that you cant see any ship on the way to Britain risks being torpedoed this angered the US Wilson distances himself from war as an optionBryan resigns in protest on a matter of principleRobert Lancing replaces Bryan There is an internal debate within the USPeace vs PreparednessBankers and industrialists organized paradesWilson tries to walk a middle line once again attacked by both sidesPreparedness advocates called him a cowardPeace advocates smacked him for any move towards warJP Morgan makes requests that the US loan money to the alliesWilson initially declines his requests starts to be advised that unless credit is extended to France and Britain this will hurt the US economy as well as the war effortWilson authorizes that private citizens may make loans if they wish Peace and War Aims
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