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Erin Black

LIBERALISM AT HIGH TIDETOWARDS THE GREAT SOCIETYMarch 14IPostwar Interregnum Truman attempts to expand the liberal state fails The Travails of Truman YearsTrumans vision of foreign policy diverged from FDRs but very much hoped to follow in his footsteps in regards to domestic policies Proposed a 21point plan most points rejectedCongress only approved one of his points that of the pursuit of full employment This rejection results in a backlash of the reforming spirit of the New DealThose opposed to it saw it as unAmerican socialist placed too much power in the hands of the federal government too expensiveIn some elements the New Deal were rolled back taxes for the wealthy reduced organized labor receives a blow TaftHartley ActThe black vote keeps the Democrats in office Ordered desegregation of the armed forcesSouthern Democrats dislike TrumanHis platform included a program calling for the abolition of the poll tax anti federal lynching law SDs objected everything Truman stood for in respect for black rightsEstablishment of the Dixiecrats Strom Thurmond presidential candidate A Fair DealIt is unsuccessful Congress refused to adhere to its demands Liberal reform is not dead but it is not moving forward either during Truman Eisenhowerthe Middle Ground20 years of treason domestic affairsthe welfare state foreign affairsthat Stalin was given too much during wartime meetings and had not done enough in his anticommunist effortsEisenhower referred to himself as a middle path guyHe wants to limit federal power as he believes in state rightsHe wants to balance the US budget retract federal spending ultimately means less money for liberal programsHis middle path stance meant that he would not dismantle the New DealThis stands in direct contrast to what was to come after him Civil Rights Struggles of the 1950s1954Brown v the Board of Education
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