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Erin Black

ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION IN ANTEBELLUM AMERICA c18201860Oct 26IThe Transportation RevolutionInternal improvement banks tariffs road canals beginning of the transportation revolutionFocused on steam power canals and roadsNorthSouth nexusCanals when they start to be built do wonders for creating an eastwest nexusErie canal BuffaloAlbanyport of NYC importantCanals are important because it cost about one tenth than going over land minimized the distancesNYC becomes the premier commercial centreRoads are nonetheless springing up everywhereFinanced by the federal governmentThe Railroad see map belowReal breakthrough early 1820sFirst railroad consisted of a measly 13 miles of track in 1829Throughout the 30s that mileage of track increased dramaticallyMiddle of the 1830s railroads are surpassing canals for shipmentBy the 1840s there are approximately 3000 miles of railroad track laid in the USThis represented more railroad track than England has laid in its entire countryThis makes possible the economic unification of the US outposts major market centers broader currents of social changeThis revolution fuels the ability to prompt an expansion in manufacturing
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