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Erin Black

EMPIRE ABROAD PROGRESSIVISM AT HOMEJan 25IAnxieties of Modernization Concerns about UrbanizationThere is a fear of the loss of the rural self agrarian vision of the US now contestedTo reconcile the new America with the old sense of self is a concernA fear of moral degradation taverns dancehalls prostitutesIndustrializationCreating a vast and impersonal society in the USDistribution of wealth increasingly skewed with more wealth in less and less people corporations Rockefeller CarnegieUnions feared considered socialismAgrarian workers finding a new place in the nations economy ImmigrationThese revolve around the fear of the erosion of Anglo Protestant America The Closing of the Frontier Jackson Turner and the Frontier ThesisFredrick Jackson Turners Frontier ThesisArgued that it was essential for the US region created freedom by offering new experiences institutions and activities what to do without a frontierIIThe Crisis of the 1890s The Peoples Party PopulismThey are formed in 1892 neither the democratic nor the republican party was dealing adequately with the state of things so they wanted an alternativeBoth parties believed in laissez faire government at this point classical liberalismDemReps not inclined to be activist due to the balance between the parties not enough of a power base to do so therefore the populists emergedMany Americans believed a new party was neededAgrarian RevoltThe costs of living are increasingMost farmers do not have sufficient income to keep up with thisThis included paying mortgages on their farm land foreclosuresThought that the railroad companies were working against them as well minimal regulation at this timeThere was a system whereby they charged much more money to ship for a short distance than a long distance
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