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Lecture 2

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Erin Black

Lecture 2 Part 2 Towards Modern America: Immigration & Urbanization I. A Nation of Immigrants  More than 9 million immigrants arrived in the US between the end of the Civil War and 1890  Change in immigration pattern in the US o Used to be Western Europeans, now is mostly Eastern Europeans o Class boundaries are now coinciding with racial and ethnic boundaries  Industrialists believed in economic growth so they wanted more immigrants o The average American was not happy  Nativist Response o White, Anglo-Saxon Americans o Disliked the Asians because they didn’t have the same religion and were so foreign looking o II. The Growth of the Metropolis  Takes until 1920 for the census to notes that more people live in urban settings than rural settings  The Changing Face of Cities o Steel encourages the building of high-rises and railroads o With the rise of mass transit, cities can spread out drastically  The emergence of central business districts organized by ethnicity and race
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