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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

th Semester 2, Lecture 3: Wednesday January 25 , 2012 Empire Abroad, Progressivism at Home I. Anxieties of Modernization  Concerns About… o Industrialization  It was creating a vast and impersonal society in the US  The distribution of wealth was being skewed – increasing concentration of more wealth in the hands of few people o Urbanization  Loss of the rural South  Huge agricultural lands are being bought up by businessmen for corporate farms and/or mines  Moral decline of the US – cities are the sites of dancehalls, taverns, brothels, etc. o Immigration  Concern that America’s Anglo-Saxon ways of life will be undone by the new immigrants o The Closing of the American Frontier  Frederick Jackson Turner’s “Frontier Thesis” – the frontier was the region that had created freedom in the US; with the closing of the frontier, an era of the US was passing II. The Crisis of the 1890s  The People’s Party (Populism) o Populists believed that the current parties weren’t doing anything about the American economic situation o Agrarian Revolt  Farmers to revolt against conditions that keep them down in the US o Populism’s Platform  Economic democracy – level the playing field between the wealthy and poor  Called for government subsidies for farmers 
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