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June 1 Golden Age Buddhist

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Scott Relyea

June 1, 2011 HIS 280 Tibet Qin Shihuang First son as a successor o Zhao Gao, Chao Kao Advisory post Puppet master Passing mandate of heaven Fall of Qin Liu Bang Liu Paang Rebel Punishments, could pay fines Tax rate is lower County structure preserved Hint of feudal zhou, 9 provinces to brothers Chang An Influence of Daoism o More prominent of the Han Rise of Wu of Han More open to debate Opinions, dont always follow More free, contrast to burning books Dong Zhongshu Favor of him Philosophical from top to bottom Concept of ying and yang o Five elements o Water, wood, metal, earth, fire Differences before the Han Gained the ear of emperor Emperor maintain harmony o Music superior man o Tool to uplift the people Mozi Lowest level of society Related to Confucianism More arrival center of universal love Adapted principles some aspects Legalist with Daoism Aspects of 5 elements Cycle of history Accept cycle rise and fall dynasties All level of society Tenants of rules of Confucius o Merged in legalism Affected centralization of empire Influenced all dynasties Confucian rose, others recended
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